Love Rug Sleeved Blanket

My OH finds it highly amusing and frustrating that in our well insulated and under floor heated house I often complain that I am cold. As he often tells me ‘how can you be cold, this house is warm!’. Hmmm I beg to differ. I think he is just blessed with a much hotter overall body temperature than me as he will go to bed in just his undies and still feel warm, whereas I am in my pj’s and even then I can still feel a little cold sometimes! He is like a radiator and never wears a jumper (well sometimes a fleece but not vert often) whereas I am often found wrapped up in layers unless I have been cooking.
Therefore when I was asked to review the Love Rug Sleeved Blanket I was delighted because it is a way of me keeping snug and warm in the evenings on the sofa without having to mention that I am feeing a bit cold 🙂
I think long sleeved blankets are a bit like marmite – you either love them or you hate them. Like marmite, I am on the ‘love it’ side as I think they are a great invention. they keep you warm but unlike a blanket your arms are free so you can drink your cup of tea or blog away and not have to worry about making sure your body is still under wraps. 
The Love Rug Sleeved Blanket is made from finest quality polar fleece and comes in red with white hearts and is very pretty. As you can see I am able to carry on with my usual nightime activities while keeping as snug as a bug in a love rug!!
Stay warm and keep blogging in the Love Rug!
After about 35 minutes of wearing it I was so toasty that I had to remove it to cool down! 
Priced at just £24.99 this romantic themed sleeved blanket is a great gift idea and I am sure many mummies, wives, girlfriends or grandmas would be happy to receive one to keep them cosy during the cold winter nights. Just imagine being sat on your sofa with a mug of hot chocolate or some actual chocolates, all cosy in your love rug sleeved blanket while watching a chick flick? Sounds like a lovely way to pass the time if like me you spend most evenings at home on the settee! 
The Love Rug Sleeved Blanket is available from
why not spread a little LOVE RUG to your love on this Valentines Day 🙂
I was sent a Love Rug Sleeved Blanket for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 
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Room 101 (Reality TV)

This weeks Room 10-1 theme set by the lovely Lauren is REALITY TV.

I enjoy some reality TV shows like XFactor but thats probably only because on a Saturday night between September-December there isn’t a lot else on so I end up watching and then I end up getting hooked. Every every year I tell myself I wont watch it, I still do.

However, I do feel that programmes like Big Brother (sorry Lauren) are a complete waste of space especially seeing as thought it ended on channel 4 and then last year got resurrected over on Channel 5! When it was on channel 4 it just took over sooooo much TV time and then there were the spinoff shows aswell not just one but two! PLus there are the celebrity versions *yawns* I just don’t even start watching them and then I cannot get hooked and waste so much time wanting to know what happens next.

Anyway, despite my attack on BB I am going to put I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here into Room 101.

My reasons? Well again I don’t watch it although I have seen the odd clip now and then and because of the huge coverage programmes like this get on morning TV shows and magazines, together with twitter and Facebook, you cannot help but know what is going on even if you are not watching it yourself!

I just think that even if I were on my last showbiz shoes and I was a bit hard up or wanted some TV exposure to reignite my flagging career or help promote an album etc… there is NO way on earth that I could live in a jungle and participate in those awful bush tucker trials! Just grosses me out. I hate creepy crawlies and to have some poured over me or me have to stick my hand into a box which may contain snakes – I just couldn’t do it.

Nor could I attempt to eat some animal private body parts – its just horrid. Yes I know that these sections of the show are the main attraction of this programme – but I just couldn’t watch it happening or get stuck in myself, as it would give me the eeebie jeebies too much!! I would rather get another job then enter the jungle and do all those nasty things!

Its just hideous and I just won’t watch it and I wish it could be banished from our screens to Room 101

Which reality TV show would you send to Room 101?
Link yours up too
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Back To Basics

So it had been 75 weeks and 6 days since I had last had sex. Yes you heard that right – 18 months pretty much had passed since I was last intimate with my boyfriend. I was starting to wonder if I would ever do ‘it’ again. 

I wrote a post back in July where I discussed how I felt after my OH had suggested that maybe I would like to get back in the ‘saddle’ again. But back then nothing was further from my mind. As I explained, in my no holds barred post, I was just not ready back then to do anything more than try and get a good nights sleep. I was knackered! Shattered in fact! I had a 4 month old baby and a two year old. I was still breast feeding around the clock; my body was still a bit alien to me and I just didn’t feel confident in myself to be naked in front of my OH in ‘that’ way again. 

I was over whelmed by the positive response that post received, and all the lovely comments.  I was comforted by them, and felt relieved that actually I wasn’t alone in feeling this way and I was amazed by how many other couples – well parents- were also preferring sleep to sex. Maybe it is something that affects us older mums and dads more than younger ones as we know that not everything revolves around sex in a relationship. Or maybe being older we can’t cope with feeling so tired and finding the energy to be sexually active again. 

So the months passed and my OH and I continued to live together more like lodgers who shared a bed really rather than a couple. We barely even kissed each other goodnight let alone cuddle or be romantic with one another as we don’t have ‘date’ nights or anything. Every now and then I did wonder to myself if my OH was missing his non existent sex life but he never spoke about it and neither did I. Truth be told, I had my suspicions that he had read that post, and I really wanted him to because I had hoped that it might encourage him to talk to me about ‘us’ and how he felt so that I could tell him how I felt by us speaking to one another. Yes, that old fashioned way of communicating with one another – having a conversation that wasn’t in cyber space! Yet he never once mentioned it, or my post, and I never brought the subject up either. 

I was really starting to think that he no longer saw me as anything more than the mother to his two children and someone who cooked and cleaned for him! I know, I know that I said (back in July) that I was against any kind of physical contact, but that was months ago and time is a healer. Very slowly I was starting to accept my new body shape a bit more. I suppose I started to think that maybe I would like to have sex again. 

Basically, my OH and I were stuck in a rut and it seemed like nothing was going to free us from it. Neither of us were making the effort to end it either. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had gone off me sexually, or even from a fancying point of view. I mean I was still wearing nursing bras up until a couple of weeks ago, which are hardly alluring especially with the added pads! Also I was still mostly wearing my maternity and post baby black comfy pants which again, were not at all sexy – but I didn’t feel sexy, so why would I bother to make an effort with my underwear? (something my Pre-baby self would never allow to have happened!). I covered myself up with loose fitting clothes in bed aswell so hardly surprising that my OH felt no desire to go near me.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I was discussing relationships with another blogger who identified with my situation, and I was explaining that I didn’t even think my OH loved me anymore let alone find me desirable. I was actually on the verge of penning another post about my relationship, sex  life, or lack of it, in the hopes that he might read it and then he would discover how I was feeling now 6 months later and it might encourage him to bring the subject up. But something my blogger friend said to me made me realise that I needed to address the situation face to face and not hide behind my blog. I had to talk to him regardless of what he might have to say and I was very nervous because, of course, I feared the worse and wasn’t sure that I would want to hear what he would say in answer to my questions. 

The next day, a Saturday, I waited for my chance to speak to him, which, with two children around, is never easy is it? I won’t go into too much detail, for obvious reasons, but I basically asked him if he still wanted me in ‘that way’ and found me attractive after going through two pregnancies. He said that he hadn’t thought about it!! Hmmm….I don’t know if I believe that but ok, because as he said, after reading my post and reading how I felt about sex back then he decided not to bother mentioning it again. Fair enough, I guess. I deserved that. 

I tried to explain how I had been feeling all this time; how post pregnancy made me feel, how he made me feel and how it had taken me a long time to get to this point and I hoped he understood that. I explained my reasons for writing it all down on my blog and told him that it was in no way intended as a direct criticism of him, but a way for me to express how I felt at the time. I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same as me (I don’t think he really ‘gets the whole blogging thing anyway), and how I was so relieved to know I wasn’t alone, that others were in the same situation. I also told him that I had hoped he might have reacted to it by discussing it with me, but of course he didn’t. I think men don’t find it as easy to talk about such things as women do.

So I took a deep breath and decided to ask him. I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me again. I think he was a little taken a back – he hadn’t been expecting this conversation and I hadn’t myself up until a few hours before. I guess I just realised that one of us had to make the first move in moving us forward and out of the rut we had become stuck in, and as I was the one who wrote about how I felt for all the world to read, I may aswell be the one to do it.

So as I said at the start of this post, it had been 75 weeks and 6 days since I had last had sex – yes ‘had’ been. I used the past tense – did you see what I did there!!??

Seriously though, these last few months taught me some important things:

  • I needed to make my relationship work again as a girlfriend and not just as a mummy. 
  • We needed to discover ‘us’ again and move ourselves forward and become a proper couple again. 
  • I found the courage to speak up and have the conversation that I had been dreading, and it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. 
I think having children definitely changes your relationship with your partner; sometime for the better and sometimes for the worse. It isn’t easy working through it but it can be done.

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So Jenson passed another milestone last week, he moved from his backward facing car seat to a front facing one.

Yet another baby item that is now redundant, his old car seat is currently sat in the hallway while we decide what to do with it. Unlike with Burton we won’t be keeping it as we don’t plan on having any more children now.

As we did with Burton we opted for the same front facing car seat again as we have found it to be a great buy and so easy to remove and reinstall as and when we have needed to. The Recaro Young Expert+ is also  fitted with the Isofix base which we find to not only be a safe method of keeping the car seat tightly secured inside the car, but it is very easy to use (trust me, I am useless and even I can do it!).

What also makes this car seat ideal for us, is the fact that the seat grows with your baby as it can accommodate from 9kg up to 18kg which should see it fit your child from around 9 months until it reaches 4 years of age ,when it is time to employ a booster seat.

My OH loves the fact that these seats also look a bit like rally car bucket seats!! Of course, now that we have two of them in our car, he is enjoying the fact that from the back it looks like we have two rally car seats in the back of it! Men and their cars!!

To begin with I am not sure that Jenson was too sure about suddenly being sat more upright and facing forwards rather than backwards – he didn’t really give anything away with his face thats for certain!

Burton found it all very entertaining and got very excited on his little brother’s behalf!

By the end of our journey however, I think Jenson was enjoying his car seat more although we couldn’t get him to smile too much for his photo to record his first time in his new seat!

We bought the Recaro Young Expert + car seat ourselves from Kiddicare and I was not asked or paid to write this post. I am just recommending a car seat that we have found to be very good and one which has met our needs for us as parents, and the safety of our children. This car seat is available from other shops, and other car seats are of course available to buy.

Malteser Sponge Cake

My best friend Kimberly celebrated her birthday yesterday but came round to mine for tea tonight. In her honour I made her a birthday cake and thought I would share the recipe

Malteaser Cake
200g self raising flour
200g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
4 eggs
150g butter
190g icing sugar
2 tbsp milk
1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder
1 grab bag of malteasers


heat the oven to 180oC/160oC Fan
cream together the butter and sugar until smooth, pale and creamy
add the flour and eggs and mix well together 

grease and line 2 sandwich tins
add the cake mixture and cook for 25 mins approx (or until knife comes out clean)

allow to cool completely then add your buttercream (which you make by beating all the ingredients, except the malteasers, well together): half for the middle of your cake and the other half for the top

then add decorate the top of your cake with the malteasers 

then enjoy!

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