My Boobs

So I went and got my boobs measured yesterday. I hadn’t had this done since I was a few months pregnant with Jenson so over a year ago I guess. I thought my bra size must have changed for a couple of reasons: one I have lost some weight so I hoped my chest measurement would have decreased; and due to Jenson’s milk feeds depleting, he usually has one when he first wakes up and very occasionally a comfort suck at bedtime if he doesn’t drop off by himself easily, my boobs have felt and looked a lot smaller as their content is pretty much empty I would think!

Before I fell pregnant with Burton I was a 36B and wore bras with underwiring in and on occasions if I went out I might push the ‘boob’ out and wear a push up/ plunge bra to enhance my assets depending on the top I was wearing. Mind you, I was never comfortable with revealing too much cleavage so I  don’t really know why I bought push up bras actually. 

Prior to my late 20’s I was a 36A cup and I probably only increased a cup size due to my weight doing the same as I got nearer to 30! Back then although I would have loved slightly bigger boobs, it was great that in the summer or if I went on holiday I could go bra-less and the same applied on nights out with my friends when I wore dresses, e.g., strapless or halter neck styles, I could get away with not wearing a bra. 

less fun more functional

Oh how times have changed – I will never be able to go bra-less again! After breast feeding two babies for the first 9 months of their lives during my mid 30’s, has meant that my former fun bags now look more like granny handbags, 

and lets face it a lot of them pull shopping bags (on wheels) along behind them lol. I am not complaining it was my choice to breast feed and I am glad I did and certainly would not have contemplated not breast feeding my babies for vanity, and pert breast sake. However, I must accept that unless I wear a bra with good support I am never going to have boobs whose nipples face northwards again. 

Anyway, I digressed. 

When I was measured for my nursing bra’s with both pregnancies I ended up with 38D ones. So yesterday when I visited a well know high street food and clothing store to be measured, I was genuinely shocked when the woman told me I was now a 36 D !! I asked her if she was sure and she said yes! So I purchased myself a couple of tee shirt bras and one lacy balcony style which was in the sale and today I am wearing a bra which fits me- yay! 

However, when I look at my boobs in my bathroom mirror I cannot help but feel my breasts do not look like 36D ones. I mean when I think of D cup boobs I think of those glamour models and celebrities that have them and how their boobs look nothing like mine! I know certain bras can enhance your assets to make them look bigger but page 3 girls aren’t wearing these in their photos. Having googled ‘celebrities with 36D breast’ I have discovered that I share the same boobage as these boobilicious ladies

Now for the purpose of this post I will spare you a photo of my boobs, but I can assure you that mine look nothing like these even if it was freezing cold and I was covered in spray tan! 

So I am confused about my size really, but the important thing is, I am now wearing non maternity/ nursing bras again and one that is my correct size – even if I still have my suspicions! 

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My Projects 366

So its the first day of a new year and among my new year challenges (more of these to follow) is to join in with Project 365, which is Project 366 with it being a leap year.

And in typical Mummy Mishaps style I am not doing things by halves, as not only have I set up a new blog exclusively for my 366 photos, but I have decided to set up one for Burton as he is always taking photos on my iPhone.

Mummy Mishaps 366 
Having seen the beautiful photos taken by TheBoyAndMe everyday (well I saw most of them) showing her boy change over 2011, it has motivated and inspired me to do a photographic record of Burton and Jenson during 2012 because I think it will be a lovely thing to look back on to see how much they change as the days, weeks and months go by. I appreciate that many of the photographs I take will not be of interest to anyone else but thats ok, because I will enjoy having them and seeing them as a record of their lives during 2012.

My first photo is this one

taken today when we were out for lunch.

The quality of my photos will not be superb as they will be taken on my iPhone as that is what I have to hand and its easy for me to upload photos from. Plus this project will be a snapshot of my boys and their day to day lives so they may aswell be captured on a day to day gadget.

I thought it would be nice to record the photos that Burton takes as he is always snapping away and sometimes he takes some really good photos (todays is a bit blurred but its the taking part that counts!). It will be interesting to see as the year progresses if his images and their content change much and to see how much the standard and quality improves as the days go by.

His first photo is the meal he ate (expect he didn’t really – fuss pot that he can be!) of yummy roast beef

There is a tab underneath my header which will take you to each site to see our daily offerings and you can sign up if you wish to see them land in your in box everyday 🙂

So here is to project 366 and I wonder how long I can keep up 3 blogs???
 Hmmm – mummy mishaps multi-tasking could prove to be my downfall lol

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Farewell 2011

So 2011 is almost over and is tradition for this time of every year, I have been reflecting on the last 12 months and looking back with the help of my blog as to what I got up to.

January to March 
was a struggle being pregnant and so huge with it. I struggled to get comfy in bed and it was tiring during the day when spending time entertaining and playing with Burton. 

I was excited but very anxious about introducing a new baby into our home and was worried how Burton would handle having a new brother or sister. Still he knew where the baby was going once it arrived!

Arriving 10 days early, on the 30th March Jenson was born and I had another beautiful baby boy and a little brother to Burton. We went from a family of three to four and all of a sudden my almost two year old seemed so much more grown up and bigger – almost over night Burton seemed to change into a boy.

my blog celebrated it’s first blogaversary. I had my first Mothers Day as a mummy to two and  Burton got on with life as a big brother.

I was still surviving on very little sleep and I was noticing that Burton was showing more signs of those terrible two’s and I was feeling the stress and guilt of being a tired mummy to two under 2! We decorated Burton’s bedroom with a Toy Story theme and to this day this is my highest viewed blog post (I get hits on it every day!).

I turned another year older and I held my first ever blogging carnival with Emma from A Matter Of Choice with the theme of potty training. There was also my breast feeding post which I wrote for breast feeding awareness week, where I was pleased to share my experiences of as it not an easy subject to tackle as it spurs very strong emotive responses. I also wrote about Burton and his assertive toddler behaviour.
marked Burton turning two 

and I also wrote about his birth story at last. At this time with him celebrating his second birthday I also wondered if his lack of talking was something to be concerned about. I also had a tweet up and my first blogging event at the Luminarium where I met ‘the Boy’ and ‘me’ from TheBoyAndMe and Karen and her girls from WouldLikeToBeAYummyMummy.
I also wrote about a subject which as it turned out seemed to strike a chord with a number of people about my lack of sex life following my second baby and how I had lost my ‘sex mojo‘.


Burton stayed at his grandparents and grandad kept a photo diary of his weekend away. I blogged about his fussy eating and reasons why you know you are a mummy and Burton had his first big boy haircut
Jenson hosted his first ever post about his first 6 months in the world. Burton (and Jenson) had his first trip to the beach and I shared some sneaky swimming pool photos on the blog. My I Love Cake linky started.
Burton started his potty training and it was a success (yay!). I went to my first blogcamp at Bristol (where I met some lovely SW Mums – see my blogroll)  and met up with Helen and her family from The Crazy Kitchen

I signed up for NaBloPoMo  and I have to say that this month was my best month for blog post writing and I feel I wrote some of my best posts to date. Posts ranging from rants about housework to my boys and their age gap and how I don’t want to try for a girl, to discovering I was pregnant for the first time to my struggles with parenthood to toddler olympics and a toddlers take on potty training.

I started the month by signing up to another month of posting everyday but it was a struggle with Christmas looming, illnesses, a trip to Butlins and all the other christmas preparations! In the end I stopped on Boxing Day and enjoyed a few days without blogging at all!

So here I am after a good year with lots of changes in my life and on my blog and all for the better, I am pleased to say. I have discovered that I can write about topics close to my heart and ones that other people can relate to. I have made new friends and met some of them through twitter and blogging and read some wonderful blogs and posts.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting and supporting Mummy Mishaps, and thank you also to my boys who inspire me to be the Mum I am and the kind I want to be and who give me ideas for posts!!

Happy New Year and here’s to 2012 I hope it brings you happiness, success and whatever you wish for.

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Saturday Caption

So its the night before the new year otherwise known as new years eve. It is also Saturday which is also known as Sat Cap Day and here is my entry

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Saturday Is Caption Day

Oh and Happy New Year 🙂

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