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Talking a load of crap as always!

Karen over at / Brighten Mum-Teenage Angst/> had the brilliant idea of setting up a Friday bog roll on a blog roll. What a great idea!! Lol. I say this with more than the usual enthusiasm as it seems I started Karen’s ball (bog) rolling by coming up with the title whilst commenting on a […]

The Gallery : Bee-ing still in life

This weeks theme in The Gallery over at the yummy cupcake(mmmm i want one please!) picture taking Sticky Fingers, is Still Life. I took these photos last summer at my boyfriends parents garden, during a brief Burton nap break one sunny Sunday afternoon. I love sunflowers: to me they seem such happy flowers and epitomise […]

Mini Mobile Me

Yesterday the OH and I had a discussion regarding when it was acceptable for children, in particular our child, to be allowed a mobile phone. Now I appreciate that not yet being 11 months old, we have some years yet until this debate becomes a reality……..or do we? Now I hope I do not offend […]

Sleep is for the weak!

What is it with my OH that he can just fall asleep anywhere and within about 1 minute of closing his eyes? Even as I sit here writing this, he is sat at the other end of the sofa fast asleep, and, maybe even more annoying, snoring!!! Grrrrr! Not only that, he is not the […]

Still Lost

I have just watched the highly anticipated finale to Lost – possibly one of the greatest TV dramas ever made. For six years viewers have watched the plight of the remaining Oceanic Flight 815 passengers, as they struggle to get off the island and ultimately understand all that they have experienced. I have not spent […]

The Gallery : Friendship

This week’s Gallery theme over at Tara’s Sticky Fingers blog is entitled Friendship . I have a handful of friends who I know I can turn to who have been there for me through thick and thin and I know will be there till the end. We have shared good times and bad, and I […]

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