Deck The Branches With Decorations

Tra la la la laaaa la la la laaaaaaaaa

So at last our Christmas tree is up and decorated!

Burton was very excited when his grampy turned up with it just before his teatime on Tuesday night and once he had eaten all his ‘marmite and cheese’ (he is obsessed with marmite on toast/bread with cheese chunks) we set to work on decorating our lovely tree.

Daddy started off by adding the lights

and then we all got tuck in to adding our baubles onto its branches.

then came the important task of adding the twinkle twinkle golden star to the top of the tree – a job for Burton the wonder boy!

Its funny how you forget certain things from your own childhood until you see a child do it in front of you, and that reminds you that you did the same when you used to help your parents decorate your family tree! Burton wanted to keep adding tree decorations to one part of the tree which we let him to a point and then had to carefully suggest that we move some around in case the tree toppled over lol

Anyway, we think our tree looks quite festive and it certainly makes that Christmas feeling ever more present in our home now.

What does your tree look like? 
I would LOVE to see it if you fancy sharing a photo of it here
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Ultimate Christmas Meme

The lovely Carolin from Mummy Alarm has tagged me in an Ultimate Christmas Meme and seeing as thought I LOVE Christmas how could I not join in?

1. The Christmas songs I can even listen to in June is… 
Hmmm this is a toughie probably Fairytale of New York (I am agreeing with Carolin here) because it is a brilliant record and would sound great any time of the year I think.
2. Hot chocolate, egg nog or mulled wine? 
Oooh another toughie!! I love all of those drinks but I guess I would opt for hot chocolate out of all of them topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and a flake mmmm
3. When do you put your decorations up? 
Usually about 2 weeks before Christmas Day – infact we put our tree up tonight (13th ). actually we only put a tree and a garland up and any cards we receive as asides from our tree we don’t hang any other decorations up in our house. Yet anyway, this may change once the boys get bigger and want to adorn our walls with homemade paper chains etc..
4. What are you having for Christmas dinner? 
The works (hopefully – I am not hosting this year as we are off to my OH’s parents) which will be roast turkey with all the trimming and lots of vegetables. then for pudding will be my homemade christmas pudding and a panetone dessert which I will be making too. Mmmmmm :0
5. What’s your favourite Christmas tradition? 
I don’t know if I actually have one as such, I want to start at least one now I have a family of my own. Hmmm I must give this some thought
6. Have you even gone carole singing? 
ha ha no. I would be paid to go away with my ‘wonderful’ singing voice !!
7. When did you discover the truth about Santa? 
I would have been about 9 – I didn’t guess but Mum thought I had so she told me! I was a bit gutted and I was sworn to keep it quiet so that my brother wouldn’t discover the truth. However, to be fair to my Mum she let me carry on receiving Father Christmas presents for a few more years after that top keep up the pretence for my brother. 
8. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
As of last year I use a theme of red, white and gold and we have the usual baubles, some red beading and a star on the top of it but no tinsel. We have a real tree, which I love but I hate the needles dropping off. I am also wondering how this years tree will fair with the boys wanting to touch it all the time I expect!!
9. What’s the best thing about Christmas? 
Oh where do I start? I love everything about it but probably choosing the presents for people and seeing them open them. But I also love hearing all the Christmas songs and the build up and all the decorations that light up at night and just the same excitement I still feel now as I did as a child. 
10. All I want for Christmas is…..
Good health and happiness and peace to those I love and hold dear. 

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Walking In A (Butlins) Winter Wonderland

This weekend was the Tots 100 Christmas Party held at Butlins, Bogor Regis

After a frantic laundry day on Friday, Burton, Jenson, Jon and I eventually set off at 7pm and arrived 3 hours and 12 minutes later for our Winter Wonderland Weekend. Upon entering our room up on the 2nd floor of the Ocean Hotel (our room is where the red nose is)

my two boys thought it was great fun to bounce on the bed and admire the light show above mummy and daddy’s bed! 

We had an Atlantis room which consisted off a twin room and a double bed in the lounge with a balcony with a sea view.

Atlantis Room
ariel view of an Atlantis room c/o

In fact Butlns is full of disco light effects – the bathroom and of course the funky lifts which play 70’s disco tunes with blue lighting!  Do do do the funky elevator!!


Sally arranged for the 35 bloggers who had signed up for this weekend,  to meet at 2pm on Saturday as a prequel to our night out so that we would get to meet each other before hand. I met lovely @jessies_online and @TheBoyandMe 

ho ho ho Helen from The Crazy Kitchen and Me from TheBoyAndMe

who I have met prior to this weekend, and we entered the room and were given name badges to help identify who everyone was. The only problem was most peoples were attached near their boobage area so it was most disconcerting trying to see who people were without staring at their chests!!

Anyway, Sally split us into teams and we had to decorate a christmas tree in an hour and the winning team would win a hamper. It was a bit frantic with women trying to grab all sorts of decorations, wrapping paper, cello tape, scissors etc…to take back to their teams! Its amazing how competitive women can be when a hamper full of chocolate and biscuits is up for grabs! My team, team c, consisted off

Unfortunately despite having a poem written and read out by Wendy, our team didn’t win but the winning tree did use cranberries as decorations which was what made the judges pick it! Here are all 4 decorated trees

I didn’t find out until the next day that @Rebecca1978 was at the meet and greet, and that it was her gorgeous daughter that kept coming over to me and giving me baubles. As a result, I never got to meet her properly!


I was a little late arriving to Bar Rosso for our complimentary cocktail, owing to a screaming baby, but I did get there and had my first alcoholic drink in almost 18 months! Wooo hoooo!!! 

At 8pm we headed over to Turners Restaurant (created by TV Celebritiy Chef Brian Turner) for our Christmas meal and the menu consisted of:
*parsnip and chestnut soup
*roast turkey
*risotto wedges
*poached pear, apricots, prunes (???!!) and ice cream
*coffee/tea and mince pie

The first 2 courses were delicious but I have to say I was a little disappointed by the dessert only because I was expecting some show stoping calorific pudding!! However, it was still a yummy meal (thank you!)

from top to bottom: the turkey dinner @mellowmummy @geekmummy  @squidgyboo  amy who has a cookery blog  

@actually mummy and
After our scrummy food we kind of split up into groups and some of us went to some bar called Crazy Jacks where some crazy ladies were boogying on down (lol). i have to day thought that the funniest part of the entire evening was when a group of pensioners entered the bar dressed in christmas costumes!!! O.M G honestly it was hilarious!! there was a woman dressed in the shortest dress for a lady of her age with killer red heels and a man dressed up as a christmas pudding wearing just black pants and black tights underneath!!! Lets just say that you could see the plums in his christmas pudding! Unfortunately my photo taken on my mobile in a dark club does not really show these people off as good as I would have liked
gives ho ho ho whole new meaning!!

Myself and a few others only stayed at Crazy Jacks for about 15 minutes, leaving other bloggers there dancing on the stage 

and we headed off to the bar in our hotel for a night cap.

It was a lovely evening and thanks to Butlins and the TOTS 100 people for organising it and making it happen.


Butlins has lots on offer for entertaining your little ones and we tried to let Burton experience most of what was available. He LOVED Splashworld being the water boy he is and spent 2 hours each day in there going down the slides and jumping in the waves created by the wave machine.

Inside the skyline pavilion there is a while host of activities to bring smiles to your children, here is a selection that Burton sampled
At night when it is all lit up the winter wonderland effect looks really magical and Christmassy

There isn’t a lot there for babies but it does have a little tiny tots soft play room where I took Jenson and he enjoyed it

Burton also made a little friend in The Boy from @TheBoyAndMe who liked shopping together 🙂

All in all we had a wonderful weekend and I think this last photo sums it up perfectly

zonked after a busy day!

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Christmas 1977 ish

On Wednesday I posted about some Christmas presents that I have bought for Burton and it got me thinking about the presents I would have had at his age when I was a toddler. Asides from the more traditional toys that I have got him as mentioned in my Festive Finds post, we have also got him a battery operated/remote controlled car for him to ride in and his grandparents are hoping to get him a VTech Innotab. Sooooo much more technologically advanced than the type of gifts I would have received at the tender age of 2 and a bit years!
So this is me around the same age as Burton is now (maybe a little bit older)

Now I cannot possibly remember exactly what I was given for my third Christmas but I do have found memories of the following toys which I know I did have when I was very young
Fisher Price Chatter Phone
Made popular again now as it was included in Toy Story 3


Now although I do not remember receiving my Weebles I know I loved my treehouse and I DO remember the day my mum and dad decided that it was time for it and my beloved Weebles to be taken to the rubbish tip! I was devastated that they were being got rid off – well i must have been because that day is etched in my mind even now!

Fisher Price – Musical TV and Clock
I remember that the TV played row, row, row your boat  and I think the clock played a couple but Londons Bridge is falling down was one of them. These were great products I really liked listening to them, and they have recently been re-issued as I saw them last Christmas in a toy shop in my local town.
I also remember I had a walker which had a fluffy toy dog attached to it; a train which you put disks in and it would move and play music and I think one of those ‘lawn mower’ toys which was like a push and pull musical drum thing on wheels with a long handle (?).

Anyway, these gifts stand out from my toddler hood – which ones do you have fond memories of?

(toy photos taken from the internet on a google search)

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