Christmas Recap

So thats another Christmas over and done with.
I always feel sad one Christmas Day turns to night and then Boxing Day comes to an end, because that means my favourite time of the year is over for another 12 months *sighs*
However, it was a fantastic festive fun filled couple of days and despite the fact that I was hoping to share more photographs of the two days with you, which I am unable to due to not being able to find the device which connects my iPad to the camera (!), here are some highlights.
Christmas Eve
We arrived at the OH’s (Jon) parents at 5pm, with the car boot filled to the brim with presents which I had secretly packed without Burton seeing! I actually didn’t think i was going to get everything we needed for our 2 night stay in the car but I did – just! Jon’s brother and his wife and two children were also staying the night so you can imagine how excited Burton and his two cousins were about Father Christmas coming.
So they decided they would all like to sleep in the same bedroom so we got on and bathed them and got them ready for bed just after 7pm and once I had got Jenson down we met in the lounge for the three children to get their santa sacks ready and to leave out a mince pie, two carrots and a cup of chocolate milkshake for Father Christmas and Rudolph. In their excitement, Burton and his cousins decided they would like to get inside their santa sacks!
 Then the three of them set off to bed for a story and to go to sleep. Yes to sleep! do you think that happened? Oh no not at all! There was giggling, talking, running about and generally everything but going to sleep really! In the end it was Burton who couldn’t get off to sleep and eventually after a few tears and relocating him into mine and daddy’s room he went to asleep just before 10pm!! Talk about being over tired!
Once the coast was clear and all children were off in the land of nod we brought all the presents in from the car as did Jon’s brother, and his mum gathered all of her gifts and we piled them around the Christmas tree 
After much discussion between Jon and I about where to leave the santa sacks for Burton and Jenson (and me putting a tweet out about it asking where people hang theirs in their homes – at the end of beds or downstairs), we finally decided to put them in the lounge by the chimney
Christmas Day
Started very early!!! 5.30am I was woken up by Jenson and then the other three children were up and about giggling at 6am! My photos of Burton’s little face when he saw his sack full of presents were just gorgeous and he was very excited. However, he didn’t really get the whole unwrapping of his gifts bit – he opened a couple and liked what he received but he was far more interested in seeing what everyone else had, playing with Jenson’s presents and playing with the things he had as he opened them. He was the last one to open all his presents and even that took a lot of persuading!
Me: Burton, why don’t you open another one of your presents?
Burton: No thank you, Mummy
They each received some wonderful presents and Burton loves his wooden train set that we bought him
I also had some lovely presents and my cake making will be going to a whole new level next year with these two little beauties, which I cannot wait to use.
It was a great Christmas made the more special by my two boys and especially Burton when he saw that Father Christmas had visited us in the night. It was magical and I wish it was happening again this weekend!
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Saturday Caption Day

ho ho hooooo!! Its Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is checking his list to see who has bern naughty and nice!!

Here is todays photo ready to be captioned

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Saturday Is Caption Day

Merry Christmas!! DAY 24 NaBloPoMo 2011

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Christmas Card Tradition

A couple of week’s ago I took part in an Ultimate Christmas Meme, one of the questions asked me what my Christmas traditions were. I answered that I was yet to establish any but it was something I really wanted to rectify and it got me thinking about what I would like to do going forward.

In doing so, it made me realise that we do have one tradition that we have done every year since Burton’s first Christmas and that is we make our own Christmas cards. Being the skilled amateur photographers that he is, my OH has a lot of photography equipment and when he sets it all up in our downstairs living area, it looks like we are living in a photography studio! Anyway, together with his computer skills he has produced some wonderful card creations for our family and close friends over the last three years.

Our first card back in 2009 was when Burton was a little over 5 months and of course we dressed him as a little Santa baby 🙂

We sat him in our fireplace (I would like to point out that it is not a working fire just an alcove!) and he was such a good baby and sat and smiled and hardly moved at all. Here is the finished creation
Last year was a bit more tricky as Burton was toddling and he was poorly and had a bad cold which resulted in very rosy red dry cheeks. Luckily, I chose an elf outfit for him so at least the red cheeks complimented his costume! Daddy got a little fraught at times because we couldn’t get Burton to smile for the camera despite bribes of chocolate buttons and watching In The Night Garden on my iPad! It took a couple of sessions and in the end Daddy had to crop two photos to paste a smiley face on to Burton’s body! Anyway, ths was our 2010 card
This year of course we have a baby and a toddler to contend with so we knew it may not be the easiest of tasks to get both boys looking and , hopefully, smiling in the same direction and at the camera! Having asked Burton what he would like to dress up as, he said a snowman so that was our theme sorted! 
Well, our fist attempt was a disaster! By the time it took to be get all of the photo shoot equipment ready, Burton decided that he had enough and refused to smile and then wouldn’t sit next to Jenson and then started to strip off!! He would not pose for the camera and in the end after me pleading with Burton to sit with his brother to no avail, we gave up. Luckily, two weeks later for our second attempt we explained to Burton who the card would be for and how much his grandparents would be happy to see his smile, and he did smile lots! However, Jenson wasn’t quite as happy the second time but he wasn’t crying so result! 
So I present to you our 2011 card and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas
 (as we didn’t have enough cards printed to send out to you all individually!)

DAY 23 NaBloPoMo 2011

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