So Jenson passed another milestone last week, he moved from his backward facing car seat to a front facing one.

Yet another baby item that is now redundant, his old car seat is currently sat in the hallway while we decide what to do with it. Unlike with Burton we won’t be keeping it as we don’t plan on having any more children now.

As we did with Burton we opted for the same front facing car seat again as we have found it to be a great buy and so easy to remove and reinstall as and when we have needed to. The Recaro Young Expert+ is also  fitted with the Isofix base which we find to not only be a safe method of keeping the car seat tightly secured inside the car, but it is very easy to use (trust me, I am useless and even I can do it!).

What also makes this car seat ideal for us, is the fact that the seat grows with your baby as it can accommodate from 9kg up to 18kg which should see it fit your child from around 9 months until it reaches 4 years of age ,when it is time to employ a booster seat.

My OH loves the fact that these seats also look a bit like rally car bucket seats!! Of course, now that we have two of them in our car, he is enjoying the fact that from the back it looks like we have two rally car seats in the back of it! Men and their cars!!

To begin with I am not sure that Jenson was too sure about suddenly being sat more upright and facing forwards rather than backwards – he didn’t really give anything away with his face thats for certain!

Burton found it all very entertaining and got very excited on his little brother’s behalf!

By the end of our journey however, I think Jenson was enjoying his car seat more although we couldn’t get him to smile too much for his photo to record his first time in his new seat!

We bought the Recaro Young Expert + car seat ourselves from Kiddicare and I was not asked or paid to write this post. I am just recommending a car seat that we have found to be very good and one which has met our needs for us as parents, and the safety of our children. This car seat is available from other shops, and other car seats are of course available to buy.

Malteser Sponge Cake

My best friend Kimberly celebrated her birthday yesterday but came round to mine for tea tonight. In her honour I made her a birthday cake and thought I would share the recipe

Malteaser Cake
200g self raising flour
200g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
4 eggs
150g butter
190g icing sugar
2 tbsp milk
1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder
1 grab bag of malteasers


heat the oven to 180oC/160oC Fan
cream together the butter and sugar until smooth, pale and creamy
add the flour and eggs and mix well together 

grease and line 2 sandwich tins
add the cake mixture and cook for 25 mins approx (or until knife comes out clean)

allow to cool completely then add your buttercream (which you make by beating all the ingredients, except the malteasers, well together): half for the middle of your cake and the other half for the top

then add decorate the top of your cake with the malteasers 

then enjoy!

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Saturday Caption 28/1/2012

Hello Saturday Caption fans!
Another week, another Saturday, another caption
What do you think is going on here then?
If you know, leave a comment below and then pop over here to see what other photos need captioning!

Saturday Is Caption Day
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Bomb Cosmetics – Love In Vegas

When I have the time, indeed when I make the time, to have a soak in my bath, I like to use pampering products because it helps me to relax and unwind and cheer me up. I also like these bath time products to smell lovely and feel nice on my skin to help make the whole experience that much nicer and worthwhile.
So when I was asked to test the Bomb Cosmetics Love In Vegas gift set I agreed as I know it would give me the perfect excuse to make the time to enjoy a long hot soak in my bath after a busy, long and tiring day with my children. Not only that, but I always enjoy receiving fun bath products like bath bombs because not only do they look great but they add a bit of fun to the proceedings! Visit this link
The Love In Vegas set comes in a gorgeously wrapped and packaged box with a tag which shows you the contents inside – even though this wasn’t actually a present to me I still felt excited as a tore open the gift wrap to see what wonders lay inside ready for me to try out!


The bath bombs, blasters and soap do not disappoint and not only do they look fab but they each contain essential oils designed to soothe your skin and make it soft and supple and make you feel sexy and loved! Each one is individually hand made so no two soaps, bombs, blasters or creamers are the same.


my heart melted from the heat off my bath!


This is quite a large bath bomb and as soon as it hits the water it starts to bubble and fizz and evaporate its pink fizziness into the running bath water. It also releases two tiny rose buds which is a really lovely (romantic) touch, Containing ylang ylang and vetiver, not only did the water smell lovely as I waited to get in but my skin felt really soft afterwards which was lovely as I suffer with dry skin.

As soon as I picked this out of the box I did get some of the stars come off in my hand so I kind of had an inkling that this would be a bit messy in my bath by the time I pulled the plug!

a night in my bath with some stars!

Again, as soon as it comes in to contact with hot water the bath creamer bubbles away in to nothing releasing lots of teeny tiny gold stars into the water aswell as a luxurious creamy mix containing shea and cocoa butters, together with ylang ylang (which supposedly contains aphrodisiac properties!) and pure rose essential oils.
This bath bomb really did leave my skin feeling nourished and silky smooth and the smell was really lovely. I guess my only slight complaint would be the gold stars – its not that I mind having to wash them off my bath afterwards, its just that the next day I am still finding them on my person (indeed I think they may have gone where the sun don’t shine! *ahem!) and on the floor from where I stepped out of the bath last night! BUT if I had been going out afterwards or having a ‘romantic’ night in with my partner then I think the way my skin smelt, felt and glowed would have made for a very sexy evening!!

No dirty Vegas in my hands!
I do like a nice smelling handmade soap and glycerin ones always look so pretty, and the ruby vegas soap is no exception. It smells quite sophisticated and is a 2-1 soap really as the centre is filled with pure essential oils to make you feel glitzy and ready for anything, just like the city of Vegas itself.


This bath blaster is similar to the rose bud bath bomb in how it quickly turns the bath water a pale shade of pink. Yet this bedazzled beauty contains lots of pink glitter which look very pretty in the bath I must admit, although as with my comments on the night with the starts creamer, it is the kind of bath bomb where the glittery bits keep on giving well into the next day! But this asides, it has a yummy scent using the aphrodisiac properties of ylang ylang and sweet orange oils and again my skin, although a tad glittery and pink, did feel very sexy and smooth again.


This is the smallest of all the love in vegas goodies but that doesn’t stop it from packing a romantic punch as the smell and the creaminess of the bath water makes you feel very pampered indeed. The creamer also releases Morrocan rose petals into the bath water and pure frankincense oil bringing a touch of the eastern delight to your skin. Very pretty indeed and again super soft skin for me!


*Please note that you do not need to use all of each bath products in one go, as you can break chunks off to make the pampering experience each bath time last longer*


At just £9.99 a set I think this bath bomb set is excellent value for money and I would be very pleased to receive one myself for Valentines Day, or indeed a birthday or mothers day. 
Its a perfect pampering gift and is available to buy from 

I was sent a  Bomb Cosmetics Love In Vegas gift set for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts (and cheesey captions!) are my own. 
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