Meg Rivers Simnel Cake : The Gift of Cake by Post

Meg Rivers Simnel Cake : The Gift of Cake by Post

This is a review of a Meg Rivers Simnel Cake : The Gift of Cake by Post. Discover more about this artisan baker, the history of Simnel cake and more details about how you can send their cakes as gifts.

Meg Rivers Simnel Cake : The Gift of Cake by Post

With Mother’s Day almost here, I am sure that many of us are considering how to spoil and thank our Mums for being there for us. Gifts are a common way to thank our Mum’s and the shops are full of ideas at the moment, from flowers to candles, to photo frames to cuddly bears and hearts. However, have you ever considered sending your Mum a cake as a gift?

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Five Minutes Peace This Mothering Sunday


It is Mothers Day this Sunday, and hopefully most Mums will have this day recognised in one way or another. I would also imagine that something a lot of Mums would love to have at least one day out of the year, is 5 minutes peace to do something even if it is having a cup of tea or going to the bathroom ALONE! 
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Be-Jazzled Cake

Yesterday was of course Mothering Sunday, but it was also Jenson’s 3rd birthday. I did not want a fuss made of me when it was my youngest boy’s special day, afterall mother’s day is every year but it is not every year you turn 3! I was given a lovely homemade card by Burton which he had made at school which he excitedly gave it to me at 7am, and I almost -almost! – got a cup of tea in bed but then the birthday boy woke up and that was that!

Anyway, Sunday was all about my little monkey and his monkey birthday party and monkey cake, so today I decided to make myself my own belated Mothers Day cake because cake is for any day and not just special occasions *ahem* ! However, to have a break from more baking after making 2 birthday cakes over the weekend, I decided to make my own cake the lazy way and I used ready made sponges *shock horror*!  Afterall, Mother’s Day is meant to be a day that we Mum’s get a day off from our normal day to day lives. So in this case I chose to have a day off from baking!bejazzled

This cake would be perfect for any occasion when you need to create a show stopper for your friends or family and can be made very quickly. If you do not have chocolate jazzies, use chocolate fingers or buttons etc…. it is very flexible and can be decorated using whatever you have to hand or prefer to use. Abnd of course you can use any stencil for the topping, I actually wanted to use a heart but could not find my heart stencil, so I used my star cookie cutter instead. Of course you could leave it plain or top with smarties or Maltesers – again whatever you prefer.

To make a Be-Jazzled Cake you need:

3 frozen chocolate fudge cakes – you can use any type but I used these
1 tub of Betty Crocker chocolate buttercream
1 tub of hundreds and thousands
3-4 packets of white chocolate jazzies (approx 250g)
large star shaped cookie cutter

To assemble it simply

Stack the chocolate fudge cakes on top of one another while still frozen
Cover the top and the sides with the chocolate buttercream, and smooth over
Cover the sides of the cake with the jazzie sweets
In the centre of the top of the cake place the star shaped cookie cutter and pour in some hundreds and thousands  – enough to cover the chocolate buttercream underneath the cookie cutter
Very carefully remove the cookie cutter to reveal your colourful star
The frozen cakes take about 90 minutes to defrost at room temperature so leave out for an hour until it is ready, or place in the fridge if it is not required immediately.

You could use non frozen fudge cakes (or indeed make your own sponges) BUT for those last minute visitors or if you need a quick cake fix, using a cake from the freezer is a fantastic solution, and my Be-Jazzled cake took about 20 minutes to decorate. The total cost came in at about £10 and will easily serve 12 people, so it not only looks good it is good for the purse too!

Now I just need some other Mum’s to come and share it with me – if I put the kettle on, who wants a slice?

I was supplied with a Coppenrath & Weisse chocolate fudge cake and some cake decorating items for the purpose of this post. The design is my own.



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Happy Mummy’s Day

Before I became a Mummy:

*I could go to the toilet in peace and shut the door!

*I never had dried on snot or sick stains on my clothes (that weren’t my own doing at least!)

*If I awoke during the night it was because I needed a wee and not to attend to a small person

*If I needed help in waking up I would set an alarm. Now I have a toddler shout my name or a baby that cries to wake me from my sleep instead!

*If I wanted to pop out I could be out the door in a couple of minutes. Nowadays it can take about 20 minutes and it usually involves tears from someone!

*I never tripped over toys as I passed through a room! Shoes maybe, but never toys.

*I didn’t have to keep picking cushions up from the floor a billion times a day!

*I never had to experience the ‘terrible two’s’!

*I didn’t have to watch what I say in case words I used were copied!

*My dining chairs never had such sticky stains on them

*I had never heard of Calpol

*I didn’t know that channel 71 on pre-view was the CBeebies one!

*I never used a vacumn cleaner as much!

*I didn’t know what being a Mummy really meant 

*I never knew how it felt to love as much and as unconditionally as I do now

Whatever you do today, give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself on being a mummy/mum. It is hard work and there are days when I for one, struggle and wonder if I can actually cope with all that motherhood brings.
 It can be knackering, challenging, stressful and exasperating; yet it is also rewarding, amazing, happy and heart stopping and I wouldn’t change it for anything. It involves long hours and very little pay (lol!) and yet it gives us the best payment ever – the love we feel and the love we receive from our children.
I really like this quote:

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. 

She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

                                             (Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Rajneesh)

So whether you celebrate today or not, I wish you a Happy Mum’s Day and let us not forget that a Mummy is for life and not just Mother’s Day!!
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Thank you xx