1. Happy birthday Jenson! Sounds like he had a lovely day. The idea for the theme is great too, love the coordinating of the party food & I am very impressedby the cake too, tempted to copy it for one of my girls’ birthdays… Xxx

  2. emsyjo

    Looks like a great party, even though some couldn’t make it.  I love the cake and the themed food 🙂

  3. Looks like you all had a great time and the food looks fab Jenny! I particularly like the grape & tOmato caterpillars…… And the cake of course!

  4. Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy

    Ahhh, it looks like you had a lovely time. And that cake is fabulous, clever you. I’m so glad it all went well and you celebrated your baby’s first birthday in style. X

  5. That cake is brilliant!! I wish I could do that. Love Js trike too. It looks like it was a very memorable day. Z didn’t sleep a wink all day on his birthday, like he knew!!

  6. Chloe Brewer

    What a lovely day, and a lovely party by the looks of it! Happy Belated Birthday to Jenson!x

  7. That cake is genius! Love it. The photo of B on the sunlounger and the bottom step are gorgeous. Happy birthday baby J, you are a scrummy boy who is loved very much by all your family.

  8. Jennypaulin

    thanks it actually turned out much better than I had expected as cake decorating is not my speciality! i love those two photos too 🙂 xx

  9. Jennypaulin

    thanks Lucy it was lovely and i am pleased it all turned out so well in the end xx

  10. emsyjo

    I remember reading this now! I bet it was where I got the idea from, and there was me thinking I’d come up with it all on my own for once.

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