My Week That Was – A First Birthday

I feel quite tired tonight as it has been quite a busy week again, mainly with all the birthday party planning and preparations I had to do for Jenson. So here is my week that was
means Ladybirds time for Burton. He still said he didn’t want to go and we still had tears before we left home, in the car and while I was walking him into the building. Once inside the nursery, we were greeted by Catherine, his key worker, and through his tears I suggested to him that he tell her what we had got up to yesterday at the Big Sheep. As he started telling her he forgot about crying and calmed down Nd after a few minutes, Catherine asked him to go with her to hang his coat and bag up, so I kissed him and could see he was wavering, so I told him to tell her about his new shoes! So off he went holding her hand and not crying! I was really pleased.
When I picked him up he was all smiles and “me love ladybirds”, and I got such a big hug when he saw me enter the front door!
Once back home, after tea, the boys enjoyed messing about inside one of their toy cupboards! They both thought this was very funny and sat inside for about half an hour!

this morning we walked into town to visit Jon’s Gran (the boys great gran) and his Mum was also there so the boys enjoyed seeing her too. Burton likes going to see Gran because she always gives him chocolate buttons! She also has a chair lift for the stairs and he likes to play with that! She showed him once how it works which was a silly thing to do because he now knows how to operate it. Luckily, he usually just plays with the seat flaps, like today, so I didn’t have to tell him off for starting it up!
This afternoon, we stayed in as it was quite hot outside and Jenson took a nap. But when Daddy finished work, we all headed to the park and it was such a warm and sunny evening. I allowed both boys to go barefoot ingot the sand pit as I knew that once we got home they would be having a bath. They really enjoyed themselves and it was the first time Jenson has ever felt sand between his toes!

is our day to go to Jon’s mum’s house which we did. The boys and their cousin, Ben, spent the morning playing indoors and Jenson enjoyed ‘helping’ the older boys do some colouring!
After lunch while Jenson napped, Granma and I went outside with the boys and it was so hot so suncream and sun hats were the order of the afternoon! They rode their bikes, went on the trampoline and the swings, played bat and ball and then they wet allowed to play with some water which was great fun! They both got sopping wet but such fun!

Here is Burton riding his bike !

I had my online grocery order arrive first thing this morning which contained lots of food for Jenson’s birthday party and cake. Once I had put all the groceries away, which took a while, I took the boys over to Tesco as I needed a new cake tin for the cake. Once home, as soon as Jenson went to sleep after lunch I cracked on and baked the three chocolate sponges for the birthday cake; I made a batch of sticky mallow krispie cakes and cakepops before he woke up! I got Burton to ‘write’ his birthday message in his card for Jenson which he enjoyed doing and he had to amuse himself really while I baked, which he did while coming in often and saying “what you doing Mummy?”
I was feeling a bit emotional anyway, but after tea the two boys were sat in a chair in our lounge which was the one they sat in together when they shared their first ever cuddle together, so of course, I took a few photos.

Once the boys were in bed, I sandwiched the sponges together and decorated the cake. I was glad to have completed it

was Jenson’s 1st birthday and we had a lovely day which you can read about here if you would like to, assuming you haven’t already of course!
I could have cried a few times today, nothing serious just silly mummy moments when I thought about how my baby was now one and how I would never experience having a baby again! See, silly!!

Jenson had a really early nap today as he was back in his cot by 9.30am! I think his party wore him out yesterday. When he woke up we all went to see Jon’s gran with a piece of birthday cake as she couldn’t make it to the party. We were sent home with a bundle of chocolate!!
This afternoon, one of my friends turned up with her three children as they also couldn’t make it yesterday, to give Jenson his present but he was having another nap when they arrived so he didn’t get to see them.
Afterwards, Daddy took Burton swimming and when he woke up, Jenson and I played with his new toys, without his big brother getting in the way and taking over!

We don’t do much this morning. Well actually scrap that, the boys and Daddy played while I made a lasagna and a cheesecake for lunch. My Dad and his wife arrived at lunchtime as they had a birthday present for Jenson, which Burton then spent most of the afternoon playing with!
It has been another hot and sunny day today, so this afternoon we all went to the park so Dad and Sheila could see Burton on his bike being the dare devil rider he is! We also took the boys to the playground which was full of people some had to wait a while for a go on the slide and swings.

It was nice for my Dad to spend some time with the boys as we don’t see him that often since he moved to Cornwall, and the last time was Christmas!
Once Dad and Sheila left, it was tea time and that was about it really as then we just played with all the new toys, which I have just about found room for!

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  1. what a week! lovely photos on this post and well done Jenson! Turning 1 is hard work 🙂
    PS: Burton is the cutest older brother one would ever wish for. You are so lucky that they love each other so much, well done you!

  2. Great round up and great pictures. I love the shadow one. I also love the party outfit. Looks great. x

  3. You really take some lovely photos Jenny, I can’t believe Jenson is one that is scary.  Where does the time go?  I was really nostalgic when Mads turned one too.  I love the photos of them cuddling- your boys are really gorgeous. xx

  4. happy first birthday Jenson! love the video of Burton riding his bike too, very cute – picked up quite a speed! oh and by the way, great cake 🙂 xx

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