Maltesers Pouring Cake

Maltesers Pouring Cake

Making a Maltesers Pouring Cake is actually not as complicated as you might think. Plus the finished result certainly has a wow factor when you present it to friends and family.
maltesers pouring cake

It has become a bit of a tradition now to make my OH a grand birthday cake each year. Previous years have seen me make him cakes using his favourite chocolates: a Ferrero Rocher cake and a Chocolate Orange one.

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Oreo Brownie & Malteser Baked Alaska (#GreatBloggersBakeOff2104 #Week4 – Desserts)

Oreo Brownie & Malteser Baked Alaska (#GreatBloggersBakeOff2104 #Week4 – Desserts)

Welcome to Week 4 of the Great Bloggers Bake Off, which goes hand in hand with week 4 of the TV Show. This weeks episode was all about another of my favourite meals, desserts! Yum! The three categories are:

Siganature – Saucy Puddings
Technical – Tiramisu Cake
Showstopper – Baked Alaska

This means that for this weeks bloggers bake along, I think there is enough scope here to stick to the bakes given, I will accept a tiramisu pudding aswell as the cake, if you have a recipe which is worthy of linking up.  Oooh I am excited already at drooling over all of your delectable desserts next week 😉

As much as I wanted to make a sticky toffee pudding, a dessert I often choose when I have eaten out for Sunday dinner but have not yet made myself, I HAD to make a baked alaska in the end because it is a dessert I have wanted to make for well most of my life! It all stems back to one mouthful of it when my Mum made one many years ago when I was much younger, and I thought it was scrumptious. Sadly, I have never eaten any since and this seems hard to believe because we are talking ooooh maybe 30 years ago!!! Anbytway, that lingering mouthful has been with me ever since, and either I have never been brave enough to tackle making one myself, or it has never crossed my mind at times when I needed to make a posh pud!

So at finally last weekend, I made my first Baked Alaska and it was not as terrifying as I had imagined and I will be making it again for sure, in fact I am thinking that a Christmas one could work well for Christmas Day. My Oreo Brownie and Malteser Baked Alaska is my own take on this 1970’s dessert classic , and I hope that the GBBO will bring this pud back because it is ruddy delicious! My only self made complaint is that the meringue does not look very attractive – I should have piped it or forked it up and I did not!! Also, having now seen tonights episode of the GBBO, I should have frozen the ice cream in a bowl and not a flat tin! #bakedalaskafail BUT I will know for next time! I might have left mine in the oven a minute more than I should but as I say, ’twas my first time at making an alaska!


Oreo Brownie & Malteser Baked Alaska (#GreatBloggersBakeOff2104 #Week4 - Desserts)
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: desserts
Serves: 12
  • 300ml double cream
  • ½ tin of condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp chocolate spread
  • 1 large (grab) bag of Maltesers
  • 1 small jar of Nutella chocolate spread
  • 100g self riaisng flour
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ pack of oreo cookies
  • 3 eggs
  • 200g caster sugar
  2. Place the cream and condensed milk in a bowl and whisk until the mixture becomes firmer but not stiff
  3. Then add the chocolate spread and whisk again for a couple more minutes
  4. Fold in the Maltesers
  5. Line an 8inch cake tin with greaseproof paper and pour in the mixture. Cover with another disk of greaseproof paper and then wrap the tin in tin foil and freeze over night
  7. Pre heat the oven to 180oC / 160oC (fan)
  8. LIne an 8 inch round baking tin
  9. Place all of the ingredients except for the Oreo cookies, into a bowl and beat together for a few minutes until a batter is formed.
  10. Pour the batter into the prepared tin, and then push Oreo cookies into the batter (as per the photo)
  11. Cook in the oven for about 20 minutes - the top will be brown and spring back when touched
  12. Leave to cool
  14. Seperate the eggs and place the egg whites in a clean bowl
  15. Whisk until the meringue is firm enough to make soft peaks whrn the whisk is removed
  16. Then add ½ sugar slowly in about 4 lots while whisking on a moderate speed until peaks are resumed again
  17. Then carefully and lightly fold in the remaining sugar using a large metal spoon
  18. * TO ASSEMBLE *
  19. Pre heat the oven to 200oC (fan)
  20. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper
  21. Place the brownie on the paper
  22. Carefully place the ice cream on top of the brownie
  23. Then working quickly, spread the meringue over the ice cream right down to the base of the brownie - my meringe does not look that attractive as I did not make it inot peaks but if you have had more experience, please do this! Or you could pipe it on of course!
  24. Pop into the oven until the meringue is glazed and brown - about 5 minutes depending on your oven I would imagine.
  25. Then serve and enjoy!
  26. Although nicest served on the day it is made, this did keep ok in the fridge and was eaten the second day too.

oreo brownie alaska

Still, it tasted mighty fine so as Norman said tonight, it may not look all that on the outside but the flavour was amazing!

So now over to you, on your marks get set……….BAKE!!!!!!!!

GBBO badge (1)

** A reminder of the Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014 rules**

So if you would like to join in this year or you are back again for some more baking fun, then here is what it entails:

**the Wednesday night following each episode of the GBBO a linky will open, and you need to bake a recipe inspired by one which was featured in the show. It can be an exact copy, one you have created yourself or a mix! As long as it can be connected to the themes used in that episode it can be linked up.

**the linky will remain open until the following Monday at 12pm. I will NOT accept any late entries this year unlike I did last year, simply because I am giving you an extra 12 hours!!!

** all entries must carry the Great Bloggers Bake Off badge if possible please and a link to my blog

**when you tweet your bake off recipe, please @JennyPaulin with the #greatbloggersbakeoff2014 hashtag and I will RT for you and add it to the pinboard.

**each week a blogger or bloggers will be selected as a Star Baker and will recieve a special badge to wear with pride on their blog.

**the next linky will open the following Wednesday as before but obviously with a new theme based on that evenings episode.

**the recipe linked up must not be one already posted on your blog – this is a bake along

This is not a serious linky at all (unless you make it so of course!). It is just for fun and any blogger is welcome to enter whatever their baking skills are and don’t be afraid to link up any disasters – credit will be given for effort too!

And finally……

Regular Great Bloggers  who bake will recall that last year there was a prize draw for the finale of the GBBO – well I am very much working on doing the same again this year, and I can confirm that so far I am able to offer a bakeware pack from Viners worth £30


and hopefully some more prizes will be available as the bake along continues 🙂

See you next week for the round up xx

Choux Buns with a Baileys, Malteser & White Chocolate Mousse (GBBO #7)

Welcome to week 7 of the Great Bloggers Baker Off which means that tonight saw the 7th episode of the GBBO.

This week it was all about pastry – suet puddings, choux pastry and puff pastry!
I thought the suet pudidngs all looked amazing and it is just not something I would make ….. but I might now! I felt for Christine in the choux round as her troubles with the choux pastry were the same as I experienced (more on this below!). And I am thinking that maybe one day I will make my own puff pastry …………. but until then the ready made will do lol!

So onto my efforts. I decided to go with choux buns because I *thought* I could make choux pastry successfully. This is because as a child / teen I had a childrens cookbook where a recipe for profiteroles was featured and at the tender age of say 12 onwards I could make these and they were nice and my family enjoyed them. I used this recipe for many years until one day I must have thrown out this cookbook. Anyway, roll on to this week and I thought I would make some mini choux buns – not as big as regular ones but larger than profiteroles. I also thought I would add a touch of difference and make chocolate choux buns and hence, chocolate choux buns. Let me tell you – after 4 attempts I could not successfuly make chocolate choux pastry – I dont know if it was me, my oven or the cocoa powder but in the end I decided to ditch the cocoa powder and go with regular choux pastry!!

Even so, I was not wowed by my buns but with it being my 5th – yes 5th – attempt and not prepared to waste any more ingredients, I had to go with these ones. They were a little over done  (mainly because my phone rang as I had returned them to the oven for the 2nd time!) and still looked flat BUT they taste fine and once filled with the mousse and decorated with the chocolate I think I have just got away with my buns for this week. JUST!

So may I present my Chocolate Choux Buns filled with a Baileys, Maltesers and White Chocolate Mousse (which do taste good despite appearances!)chouxbunsbadge

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Chocolate Choux Buns with a baileys, malteser & white chocolate mousse
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: desserts
Serves: 8
  • *For the choux pastry*
  • 100g strong white plain flour
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar
  • 75g unsalted butter
  • 150ml water
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • *For the mousse*
  • 150ml double cream
  • 75g good quality white chocolate
  • 1½ tsp baileys
  • 35g Maltesers - bashed with a rolling pin to make rustic crumbs
  • *For the chocolate topping*
  • 100g good quality milk chocolate
  • 25g Maltesers - bashed with a rolling pin to make rustic crumbs
  1. *For the choux pastry*
  2. pre-heat the oven to 200oC / 180oC (fan)
  3. Place the water, butter and salt in a saucepan and place on a moderate heat and let them all melt. As the mixture starts to bubble as it comes to the boil very quickly and the sifted flour and icing sugar and beat well
  4. Return to a low heat and mix/cook for a minute or two until the batter leaves the sides to make a smooth and glossy ball of dough
  5. Remove the heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes
  6. Then add the egg bit by bit - beating the dough thoroughly until it resembles a shiney paste which isnt too runny or stiuff - but will dro- off the spoon slowly. (You may not need all the egg )
  7. On a large baking tray, add some baking parchment and place dessert spoon sized balls of dough on to the paper spaced out quite well in case they spread
  8. Cook for 15- 20 mins approx
  9. Remove from the oven , make a hole in the side of each bun with a sharp knife to release the steam, and return for another couple or minutes to ensure the buns are crisp and cooked right through
  10. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely.
  11. *to make the mousse*
  12. place the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water on a low heat and gently melt the chocolate stirring occassionaly. Once melted leave to one side
  13. Place ½ the double cream into a saucepan and heat until steaming hot but do not boil. Remove from the heat and stir in the Baileys liquour
  14. Leave to cool until the cream and the melted chocolate are the same temperature
  15. Then pour the cream and Baileys into the chocolate and beat well with an electric hand whisk until it makes a creamy sauce.
  16. Pour the remaining cream into a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form
  17. Then add the chocolate cream and beat just to combine the two creams together
  18. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge until needed
  19. *to make the chocolate topping*
  20. melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water on a low heat and gently melt the chocolate stirring occassionaly.
  21. *to assemble the choux buns*
  22. Remove the mousse from the fridge and fold in the 35g of crushed Maltesers
  23. Cut the buns in half and coat each top with the melted milk chocolate and leave to cool
  24. To the bun bottoms add a generous amount of the mousse to each one
  25. Add the tops and decorate each one with the crushed Maltesers
  26. Keep in the fridge in an air tight container - best eaten on the day they are made


Now it is your turn to show us your bakes !!

Get ready, on your blogs……….annnnnnd BAKE!!

mummy mishaps

**RULES** **all recipes must be a new post and not an old one linked up **all recipes must fit the themes set by that week’s Great British Bake Off episode **all entries must carry the GBBO badge (designed by Annie – thank you) **all entries must also carry a link to Helen and myself please and **all entries must be linked up on either mine or Helen Hollywood’s blog by 8pm each Sunday night (click on our GBBO badges to find the linky posts) >>To co-incide with the linky and TV show finale, Helen Hollywood and myself, Jenny Berry, will be hosting a fabulous give away with some baking goodies. We hope the bloggers who take part in the begining will still be around to be entered into this!! One condition to be entered into the prize draw at the end of the linky (and TV show) is that each blogger must ensure they have linked up at least 6 GBBO blog posts – we want committment people!!! It will be a great prize too – it honestly is ! <<


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Malteser and Nutella Cheesecake

Malteser and Nutella Cheesecake
This no bake Malteser and Nutella Cheesecake, is very easy to make and tastes divine! A delicious dessert for any occasion
Malteser and Nutella Cheesecake
I made this homemade Malteser & Nutella Cheesecake a few years go now. Alongside my Christmas Pudding very year, I always like offer an alternative dessert for those who are not fans of the more traditional Christmas Day one. Cheesecakes are always a popular choice in my family.  Of course, Maltesers are also a family favourite, and therefore, they seemed like a obvious choice to include in this cheesecake.

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Baileys and Malteser Ice Cream

For anyone who watched the recent series of Nigellissma, they would have seen her make coffee ice cream. Well the boy’s Granma and her neighbour have been making this ice cream and I have to say it is delicious and yet sooooo easy and simple to make.  They have been adding different flavours and each one has been yummy!
So not to be left out, I used the basics to make the actual ice cream, and then simply added my own choice of ingredients – Baileys and Maltesers (yes, another recipe incorporating Maltesers!).
Let me show you how to make the easiest ice cream that packs a punch of flavour!
Baileys And Malteser Ice Cream
Serves 8
(makes 1 litre)
You Will Need
1/2 tin of condensed milk (175g)
300ml double cream
60ml Baileys Irish Cream
1 extra large grab bag Maltesers
Whip the cream, condensed milk and Baileys in a large bowl until soft peaks form
Set aside about 30 Maltesers
Then placing the bag on a tea towel, and sealing it bash with a rolling pin to roughly smash the chocolate
Take a 1 litre tub which is suitable for the freezer and line it with grease proof paper or cling film and scatter some crushed maltesers along the bottom
Then leaving about a handful in the bag, tip the rest of the crushed maltesers into the creamy mixture and stir through
Then add the ice cream mix to the tub on top of the scattered chocolate and smooth over to make the top even. 
Then decorate with the whole Maltesers (there may even be one or two that find their way to your mouth *ahem*) and scatter some more crushed ones over the top.
Place your lid on top and put in the freezer overnight (at least 6 hours)
And that is that!! No stirring/churning required 🙂
Then either serve it as a complete dessert by carefully removing it
 and dish up and enjoy your Baileys & Malteser Ice Cream in a slice
or if you want to save it all for yourself, then simply cut off and slice and return the rest to the freezer
mmmmm deeeeelicious!
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Thank you xx