Arctic Roll but not as you know it!

When I was a girl a popular dessert for my brother and I was a slice of arctic roll. It is a very simple pudding really, a vanilla swiss roll containing jam and vanilla ice cream, and yet it was quite a threat to have a slice! Nowadays artic roll is still available in the […]

Oreo Baked Cheesecake #GBBOBloggers2015

Asides from cake week, my other favourite Great British Bake Off week is of course dessert week. I have such a sweet tooth! When I saw the categories were either creme brûlée, windtorte or baked cheesecake, I knew which one I would go for because I have had the recipe idea in my mind for […]

Chocolate Orange Clafoutis

Despite not really knowing how to pronounce it correctly,  I have only attempted to make a Clafoutis once before and it was a bit of a flavour experiment (beetroot and apple). I have been wanting to make one again for a while now, but have just not found the time or had a proper excuse. 

Oreo Ice Cream Bombe

I love Oreo cookies and I only actually discovered them about 2 years ago when I made my Oreo cupcakes and Oreo traybake, I love how they keep their shape while inside a cake. I have also used them inside a baked alaska and a brioche and butter pudding, I have made marshmallows with them and […]

Ice Cream Castle Sundae

Ice cream is just delicious isn’t it? It is always a dessert that you can somehow squeeze in after a big meal, because it is so light and so yummy and you can serve it so many different ways and with so many different toppings. To celebrate all things ice cream, this Sunday 19th July, […]