1. I have often contemplated getting a slow cooker, but never been sure I would use it enough – the message I’m getting is that I would!

  2. Allison Grant

    October 🙂 I’ve wanted a slow cooker for years, but with 3 kids,
    there’s always something else I need to buy.

  3. Sarah Fawcett

    October and if I were the lucky winner I promise not to put it in the dishwasher – I’ve warped the lid on my slow cooker and now have to cover it with a towel to make sure the heat stays in – oops lol

  4. I bet this is a godsend! Yummy stews and casseroles with minimal effort sounds right up my street! The answer is October 🙂

    Jen xx

  5. Carole Currie

    I’ve had my wonderful Crockpot for about 8 years and always thought all slow cookers were the same! Mine is bashed and the lid is badly chipped after a recent house move so I don’t use it now – miss it madly and wish I could’ve used it #Crocktober i.e. October!

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