Slow Cooker Roast Chicken

slow cooker chicken
I experienced a cooking revelation today!
Thanks to Dawn (The Moiderer) I decided to try cooking a whole chicken in my slow cooker, as I was out all day and it needed to be eaten by tomorrow.
Now I am not joking when I say that the chicken was amaaaaaaazing! As I lifted it out of the slow cooker it literally fell apart! It was so moist too and even the meat from the drumstick and wings was delicious ( I am not usually fan of the brown meat on a roasted chicken!). The skin was fairly crispy – not that I eat it myself and there is no need to carve the chicken because the meat just falls off the bones.
So this is what I did:
1 whole chicken (mine was 1.765 kg)
I stuffed it with 1 lemon (cut in 2 halves)
 I rubbed the skin with Rosemary, and garlic (optional)
I also slashed the drumsticks (which I do when I roast chicken in an oven)
1 onion cut into 4 chunks around the chicken once it was in the slow cooker
Anyway, I put my slow cooker on medium setting at 9.30am and turned it off at 5.30pm. The meat falls off the bone it is the nicest moistest chicken i have ever cooked!! Brilliant!
If you are in a hurry, you can cook it on high for about 4-5 hours 🙂
But do you know what, the meat is that good plus no roasting pans to wash up! I think I may never cook a whole chicken in the oven again!



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  1. I always cook mine in the slow cooker and have for years now – even at Christmas – it makes Christmas dinner incredibly unstressful!

    However, I tend to just rinse the chicken under the tap and chuck it in on low for 8 hours. Your onion, rosemary etc. has inspired me to try a bit harder! Thank you!

  2. Dawn has some fantastic slow cooker recipes, doesn’t she? I use mine a couple of times a week,but rarely to do a whole chicken in it. This sounds fantastic. I think i’d carefully transfer it to a roasting tray and blast it in a pre-heated oven for 15 mins to crisp the skin up. Thanks for sharing, Jenny.

  3. Oh wow Jenny, now I am REALLY sold on the idea of a slow cooker. Just truly delicious by the sounds of it, what a wonderful idea and great to be able to just leave it alone to do its own thing. Thanks for linking up x

  4. I just googled slow cooker roast chicken & found you at no.2 as well ! I’ve bought a couple this week so I’m going to give one a go tomorrow.

  5. I love cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker. I put balls of tin foil in the bottom so they don’t stick. x

  6. I love my slow cooker, and am about to try my first roast chicken in it….wish me luck! :o)

  7. thankyou for the tip re chicken just fantastic…that was my very first try with the slow cooker would love to hear what else you have done xx

  8. I tried this and it worked very well. The only thing was that it looked a bit anemic as it didn’t go brown, but it was very tender and almost fell apart.

  9. Thank you so much for linking up to Domestic Disgrace! Is it possible to do this in the oven as I don’t have a slow cooker?!

  10. I am so going to be trying this! Daughter always complains that the chicken is chewy. Am doing a review for a slow cooker so will quote your blog post (and The Modierer’s!) 🙂

  11. Just put the chook on now….looking fwd to din dins. Mine already had pork and onion stuffing up his bum so have put lemons on side 🙂

  12. So far, every one of your recipes that I have perused has been immediately bookmarked for future use – sooner, rather than later. You are a cook after my own heart; thank you so much for sharing.

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