mummy mishaps

clumsily raising my boys and baking cakes

Weetabix or adhesive-abix

Dear Weetabix, I do enjoy eating you and you have served me as a breakfast cereal countless times during my life to date. More recently, I have introduced you to my son who enjoys you mixed with fruit (and his fingers!). However, I feel I need to ask why on earth are you so hard […]

Talking a load of crap as always!

Karen over at / Brighten Mum-Teenage Angst/> had the brilliant idea of setting up a Friday bog roll on a blog roll. What a great idea!! Lol. I say this with more than the usual enthusiasm as it seems I started Karen’s ball (bog) rolling by coming up with the title whilst commenting on a […]

The Gallery : Bee-ing still in life

This weeks theme in The Gallery over at the yummy cupcake(mmmm i want one please!) picture taking Sticky Fingers, is Still Life. I took these photos last summer at my boyfriends parents garden, during a brief Burton nap break one sunny Sunday afternoon. I love sunflowers: to me they seem such happy flowers and epitomise […]

Mini Mobile Me

Yesterday the OH and I had a discussion regarding when it was acceptable for children, in particular our child, to be allowed a mobile phone. Now I appreciate that not yet being 11 months old, we have some years yet until this debate becomes a reality……..or do we? Now I hope I do not offend […]

Sleep is for the weak!

What is it with my OH that he can just fall asleep anywhere and within about 1 minute of closing his eyes? Even as I sit here writing this, he is sat at the other end of the sofa fast asleep, and, maybe even more annoying, snoring!!! Grrrrr! Not only that, he is not the […]