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Officially Bankrupt

I am officially bankrupt. There I have said it on print for my blog – the first time I have heard myself say it. I am not writing this post to brag about it or show off, because although I am actually relieved to be […]

The Gallery – Playtime

This weeks The Gallery theme chosen by Tara at Sticky Fingers is Playtime. I think everyone, whatever their age, enjoys playtime. Since having Burton it has been great playing with toys again,making silly faces, blowing raspberries, rolling around on the floor and just generally being […]

Need My Running Mojo Back!

So since my ever so honest post a couple of weeks ago, regarding me and my feelings on running and how I was going to get out there and do it for the #mummyto5k challenge, I thought it was time I revealed how I have been getting on.

Well in a nutshell, I have been RUBBISH!! So far I have done the following:

Ran at a reasonable pace for about 11 minutes (which gave me very sore blisters!
Swam a little (was with Burton and his Daddy so wasn’t able to swim for long!)
Done 3 x 1 hour brisk walks with the pushchair

I have been watching what I eat and have lost about 2 lbs in a week

But that’s it!! I feel pretty lousy that I have not managed much more. Especially as I read on Twitter about all the other fabulous #mummyto5k participants and their brilliant efforts. I guess I have lost my running motivational mojo. I have no excuse really, I have just been rubbish 🙁

I did try out Mirka’s #fitnesstuesday exercises (bar the skipping as have not yet bought a skipping rope) for 2 days but then forgot!! So will start that up again and buy a skipping rope ASAP.

Last Friday I had plans of running/walking fast to the pool have a swim and then run/walk home again, as my Mum had Burton for the afternoon. However, just as I was packing my swimming bag my friend turned up in tears having received some sad news, and I could hardly tell her sorry I am off for some exercise!

So I am hoping to go on another brisk buggy walk later and try run tonight after tea and kick myself up the arse to get back in to this training malarky, after all, I don’t really want to eat everyone else’s dirt at Hyde Park!!

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Thank you xx

Fruity Oaty Banana Muffins

This is a great recipe for using up left over fruit or dried fruit and over ripe bananas. Plus with the added bonus of being low fat and dairy free, it should please most appetites! I find I can make about 12 – 14 regular […]

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake

This recipe is a bit of a faff to make compared to some sponge cake recipes, but the results of a light and airy chocolatey sponge are well worth the effort. INGREDIENTS 200g of a good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) 170g unsalted butter […]