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Horsing Around!

After his tea yesterday, the OH took Burton over to see his parents who live about 3 miles away. They have recently acquired 2 ponies and up till now Burton has only really seen them in the field outside their house. Well last night one […]

Party planning gone mad!

So in less than 2 weeks my little boy will turn 1 and I cannot believe his birthday has come around so fast! Where has the time gone? I have been thinking about his party for some time now and now with it being less […]

The Gallery – Emotions

This weeks The Gallery hosted by Tara over at Sticky Fingers is having a mash up with the Writing Workshop organised by Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak.
The theme being Emotions

I have chosen PRIDE as my emotion. Regular visitors to my blog will have gathered that when it comes to my boy I feel such immense pride and love, I find it overwhelming. However, for a change I have used a photo that does not feature my little man as I have tried to use a metaphor instead (oooh hark at me lol)
Eyes well up at the slightest thing
My heart bursts with pride everyday
Overwhelming, unconditional love for you
These feelings so powerful and strong
I am so grateful to have you in my life
Overflowing and gushing like a waterfall
Never ending is my love for you
So proud to be your mummy .

(photo was taken at Lydford Gorge in Mid Devon)
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It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part!

So yet again we have failed to win the World Cup. Surprised? No, me neither. We were never going to bring it home, because we are England and we are winners at being runners up. As a nation we always support the underdogs. Look at […]

Non musical chairs

As I walked back from the kitchen earlier, I heard a little squeal coming from underneath the dining room table. I peered down and could see a cheeky little face peering up at me Then he began to re-arrange the chairs which are quite heavy […]