Malteser & Chocolate Finger Celebration Cake

This Malteser and Chocolate Finger Celebration Cake is the perfect choice for that chocoholic cake loving person in your life. I often get asked to make celebration cakes for friends, and a while ago I was asked to make a retirement cake for my friend’s Mum who was leaving her job of 30 odd years […]

Chocolate Orange Drizzle Polenta Cake

This easy to make Chocolate Orange Drizzle Polenta Cake is lovely and moist and gluten free too. I have had a packet of polenta in my baking cupboard for some time now, there for using in a cake recipe, and yet for a long time left alone. However, yesterday I decided that with not much […]

Willy Wonka’s Sweetie Shop Topped Chocolate Cake

This fun Willy Wonka inspired Sweetie Shop Topped Chocolate Cake is great fun to make and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. It is perfect for birthdays and can be customised to feature whatever sweet treats you like. After featuring quite a healthy recipe the other week, my Gluten Free Flapjacks, to start my […]

Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes

These Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes are made using just 4 ingredients – perfect for making at Christmas time These Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes are SUPER easy to make and take next to no time and they would be perfect for children to make. Not only are they delicious to eat and festive to look at, but […]

Christmas Madeleine Cherry Chocolate Pudding

With Christmas fast approaching it seemed only fitting to blog about a festive dessert which could be an alternative to the more traditional Christmas Pudding, or maybe could be served along side it on the BIG day. This Christmas Madeleine Cherry Chocolate Pudding is actually one based on a Zuccotto recipe which usually involves panettone, […]