Slow Cooker Pineapple & Banana Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside down cake is such a retro dessert that has been around for years. However, my Slow Cooker Pineapple and Banana Upside Down Cake is my own take on this childhood classic.

Firstly, my cake contains banana aswell as pineapple, making it even more moist and let’s be honest, more fruit has to be healthier right ? Plus it is yet another sneaky way of not only using up any over ripe bananas , but also for getting more fruity goodness into my children.

Slow Cooker Upside Down Pineapple & Banana Cake

The other difference with my version of this retro cake, is that I made it in my slow cooker. This makes it more pudding like than cake, but then as this dessert is best served with custard, pudding like is fine with me.

As with all slow cooker cakes, you do need to make the actual batter in the more conventional way outside of the slow cooker (or crock pot as it is otherwise known). Therefore, you will need to use a food mixer or a bowl and wooden spoon/whisk.

However, this does not take long and then once the batter is poured into your slow cooker bowl, you can leave the cake to cook slowly while you get on with other things. Furthermore, it frees you oven up if you are making dinner which is what happened the day I made this cake.

Now you will notice that I have decorated my finished cake with some raspberries, to sit on top of the baked pineapples. This is merely because at the time of making this I did not have any cherries. You see, this is what happens when you decide to make a pineapple upside down cake on the spur of the moment! Thankfully, cherries, raspberries or even strawberries all work well with the other fruit flavours of this cake.

If you fancy giving this comforting pudding a go, then please find the recipe below.

Recipe for Slow Cooker Pineapple and Banana Upside Down Cake
Serves 8-10
For the topping:

50g softened butter

50g light soft brown sugar

7 pineapples rings in syrup, drained and syrup kept back

glacé cherry

For the cake

100g softened butter

100g golden caster sugar

100g self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 mashed over ripe banana
*firstly you need to make the pineapple topping - albeit on the bottom when you slow cook it!*

To do this:

Beat together 50g of butter and 50g light soft brown sugar together until creamy. 

Grease and line the bottom of your slow cooker, ensuring you have the greaseproof paper go half way up the side of the bowl. This will make removing the pudding easier at the end.  

Now spread this creamy mixture over the base  and a little way up the sides of the bowl.

Now arrange 7 pineapple rings on top of the mixture,  (*remember to save the pineapple syrup for later). If you have cherries add those also to the centre of the pineapple rings (or you could add raspberries or even strawberries of you so wish).

*Now to make the cake batter*

In a free standing mixer (or however you make cake batter) cream together the 100g butter with the 100g of caster sugar until smooth and pale

Now beat in the eggs, banana and the vanilla extract for a few minutes until well combined

Finally, fold in the flour and 2 tbsp of the reserved pineapple syrup, until you have a lovely soft batter

Pour this batter on top of the pineapple mixture inside your slow cooker. 

Pop your lid on and cook on high for approx 2-2 1/2 hours until cooked right through.

carefully remove from your slow cooker and turn out on to a serving plate to reveal your squidgy pineapple topping.

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