1. OMG these brownies are to die for! One of my most favourite chocolate treats is a cadbury caramel egg. So much chocolate and caramel even I feel satiated after one rather than 3. These are AMAZING! Thank you so much for bringing them to #BakingCrumbs

  2. Jenny you really do make the most outrageous bakes. I adore caramel and I reckon I’d be in heaven with one of these loaded brownies. How frustrating they fell apart the first time. This has happened to me on far too many occasions. But how lucky you had people to eat them πŸ˜€

    Thanks for featuring my seed cake and also for sharing with #CookBlogShare

  3. Oh wow Jenny! These are so decadent and a bit more decadent lol πŸ˜‰ I totally agree that they are perfect not only for Easter but definitely as all year round treat! I’m glad you persevered with the recipe and thank you for sharing with #BakingCrumbs πŸ™‚

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