• Thank you Mandy. well, they tried a bit of mine and each pulled a face. I think it might have been a tad too spicy as I didn’t tell them it was not meat, which is why they tried it as they would never have attempted it if I said it was cauliflower and lentils lol. It looks like it contains meat doesn’t it? And the cauliflower has similar texture to Quorn mince, so you never know we might get there with our kids one day x

  1. It looks wonderful and it’s great to see cauliflower rice used in a dish and not just as the side dish in place of the rice. It sound lovely and easy too and I’m quite tempted to get my slow cooker out to make it as we definitely need a few more healthy days now!

    • Thank you Corina, it was nice to eat cauliflower as the main and serve it with rice, rather than the other way round . Please ket me know if you make it and what you thought of it x

  2. Wow you have me thinking now too. I keep meaning to make more vegetarian meals but I have never been a fan of meat substitutes like Quorn mince. Making it in a slow cooker is a great idea too gives plenty of time for all those lovely flavours to blend. I’m pinning and will definitely give this a go

    • I have a few ideas tucked up my sleeve lol
      the real test will be getting my carnivore OH to try it ! So far I have been ploughing my way through it lol x

  3. joskitchenlarder

    Your chilli looks really substantial and meaty Jenny! I love cauliflower but for some reason am not a huge fan of cauliflower rice (I think I like rice as a side too much to make a swap ) so it’s great to see it used in this lovely, sauce rich stew. And it’s so good for you too! One to cook for sure! 🙂

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