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I was recently sent a selection of Jucee products, some fresh fruit and some crafty items and was set the challenge to have some Jucee fun at home with my boys, and devise some craft and recipe ideas. Although I am familiar with the brand, I had no idea quite how vast their range of products are and was really pleased to discover that Jucee Squash, Jucee 100% pure fruit juice and Jucee Juice drinks are all 100% no added sugar.

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Sunday Afternoon At The Park On Their Bikes

Two things happened this weekend – both firsts for this year and one was also a first for me as a parent.

Firstly, Spring arrived and with it some blue skies, hazy sunshine and the need to ditch the coats at last and it actually felt hot! I think you can forget how warm the weather can be (not to mention dry!) after what seems like months of dreary rain. Feeling the warm sun on my face today made me feel immeditaly happy, radiant and glad to be alive! Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do really!

The other thing to happen this weekend, was the arrival of chicken pox for Burton. He awoke Saturday morning with a spot at the top of his forehead and a big one in the middle of his back. The surprising thing is, it was Jenson who I (wrongly, it now appears) thought would contract it first because he was actually in direct contact with a child who caught the illness and not Burton. However, while Jenson is spot free Burton is now covered in spots and looks like he has his own personal skin dot-to-dot! While now very itchy, luckily he is not feeling ill with it and is as he is normally, bar spotty!

So this afternoon, we ventured to the park for some bike action, well except for me as I walked, but the 3 boys enjoyed some pedal power! It really was soooo nice and the park was buzzing – a hive of activity infact as everyone and his dog and child were out making the most of the spring weather.

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Of course after cycling/balancing for over a mile a much needed rest was required to stop off and enjoy a drink and take in our surroundings, before making the return journey…….or at least half of us did as myself and Jenson waited to be picked up because someone was feeling a bit tired by this point!IMG_1460 (2)IMG_1461 (1)IMG_1459 (2)

Roll on more days like today please!
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I was sent some cartons of Cawton Press Kids Blends Pressed Fruit to review. I love the fact that they are spring water based drinks made with pure fruit juice and fruit purees and nothing artificial, plus they contain no added sugar They taste really nice and very fruity too! And I know that my boys are only drinking fruit mixed with water, far better than squash based cartons.