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I was recently sent a selection of Jucee products, some fresh fruit and some crafty items and was set the challenge to have some Jucee fun at home with my boys, and devise some craft and recipe ideas. Although I am familiar with the brand, I had no idea quite how vast their range of products are and was really pleased to discover that Jucee Squash, Jucee 100% pure fruit juice and Jucee Juice drinks are all 100% no added sugar.




As you can see we added some googley eyes and added some smiles to the fruit, to try and replicate the Jucee crew which are the fun fruity characters which feature on the Jucee packaging and website. There are 10 fun Jucee characters in total which you can find across the product range, and I think they are very appealing to children visually.

With our craft project the boys did really well, and I just let them both get on with it and I was really amazed and pleased with their finished crafts. Burton made a space rocket (which even features Tim Peake aboard!) and Jenson made a butterfly using the Jucee Juice Drink bottles.



In fact we made a little video showing you how we made these two Jucee Juice bottle upcycle crafts which you can see here. I honestly was so impressed with Burton and Jenson because they did it all themselves!

Aswell as being able to have fun and games with the Jucee range, you can also incorporate the juices into recipes, and using some of the 100% pure apple juice and some Peggy Pineapple chunks, I made a Pineapple & Cheese Oaty bread which would be a great healthy snack for your children.


Pineapple and Cheese Oaty Bread

Here is how I made it:

Pineapple & Cheese Oaty Bread
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  1. 100g pineapple, all juice removed as much as possible, chopped finely
  2. 65g oats, plus 1tbsp for sprinkling
  3. 235g self raising flour
  4. 100g Cheddar cheese, grated
  5. 50g raisins
  6. 1 egg, beaten
  7. 50g butter, melted
  8. 200ml semi-skimmed milk
  9. 25ml Jucee 100% apple juice
  1. Pre heat the oven to 180oC / 160oC (fan)
  2. Grease and line a loaf tin
  3. Keep 1 tbsp of oats and 1 tbsp of cheese back for later
  4. In a bowl, mix the oats, flour and cheese together
  5. Stir in the pineapple and raisins.
  6. Separately, mix together the egg, butter, apple juice and milk and mix into the flour to form a batter.
  7. Carefully spoon into the loaf tin and sprinkle with the remaining 1 tbsp of oats and cheese over the top of the loaf
  8. Bake for 40-45 minutes until golden on the outside and cooked right through (use a knife to test)
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This delicious oaty bread, is slightly sweetened by the pineapple, raisins and apple juice, and yet the cheese still makes it savoury. It can be served by itself, making it ideal finger food for little ones


Or top with some ham for a tasty savoury snack



This bread would also make a delicious healthy addition for your children’s lunch box, as would a Jucee 100% pure fruit juice carton, with no added sugar, as it is a drink which counts towards you 5-a-day!


The Jucee range is great value for money, it tastes great and being 100% no added sugar, makes it something I will allow my children to drink.


and have fun with!


This post and the video contained within it was created in collaboration with jucee-logo

Please use visit the Jucee website for further information 

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  1. Oooh Jenny, I love the sound of this loaf! You can’t beat cheese and pineapple as a sweet and savoury combination. Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

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