Thank you!

Following this weeks amazing comments I received regarding my entry in this weeks The Gallery and the promise I made myself that I would appear in more photos with my baby boy, I am adding this post as an update to show that I have been true to my word.
I was blown away by the lovely comments I received and it really made me feel more confident about myself . So much so that I took out my mobile phone and took some spur of the moment photos of Burton and I rolling around and laughing on the floor.
So, here are the results and thanks again for making me want to take them 🙂

I even took one of me – au natural with no make up!!
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Thank you xx

The Gallery : Self Portrait – Me, My New Self And My Baby

This week’s Gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers is entitled Self Portrait – a daunting idea in itself!
As with so many first time parents, we have taken sooooo many photos of Burton since he was born which is a lovely collection of memories. Among the huge collection are some which feature me as well but I have found it hard liking the image of myself looking back at me because I felt self conscious of my new body image. As with any Mummy I am sure I am not alone in not relishing my new shape completely, most days it does not bother me but every now and then, especially when I have struggled to fit into some of my old clothes, I have felt a little fed up. Hence, seeing myself in photos and indeed posing for photos has been hard sometimes.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not meaning to sound vain and I know that I am silly for feeling this way because in the bigger scheme of things it is very trivial. I am also not doing this to get lots of comments to make me feel better about myself – I am just trying to explain how I have felt and still do feel every now and then. I am sure I am not alone on this.
However, thanks to this weeks Gallery, I have gone back through all of the photos that have been taken over the last 10 months with a more positive approach and I can honestly admit that a couple of photos which I thought I hated of myself I now like. I also wish now that I had had more taken with Burton because not that many of the two of us were taken really, as I avoided the camera so much! I now regret that very much.
I have also noticed that I have no recent photos of just me – so my entries this week are of me holding Burton as I have no true ‘Self Portraits’ of myself by myself.
Burton and I when he was 1 hour old (I had been awake for 48 hours at this point!)
Burton and me when he was about 2 weeks old (feeling so, so tired!)
Me and Burton when he was about 6 weeks old (Daddy wanted to test out some new camera equipment so we had to ‘pose’)
Most recent photo of the 2 of us – taken back in March which is too long for the last photo of us together to have been taken. Even here I am trying to avoid looking at the camera!
One of my favourite photos of me and my boy taken in feb which some of you may have seen on my twitter profile – and look I am smiling and looking at the camera!! (but then I am hidden under my big coat and had just had my hair cut!)
So thank you for making me revisit the photos and realise that I should not hide these photos anymore! I am also going to make sure that from now on more photos are taken with ME in them .
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Thank you xx

What’s In A Name?

Funnily enough, whilst writing this I came across a post today by yummymummyno1 ,who is asking if any of us blogging parents have ever regretted the names we have given our children, as a recent study has shown that apparently 1 in 5 of us do – which is a lot. I do believe that choosing the name for your child is a BIG deal and it is important to get it right, because that child has to live with your decision for the rest of their lives.

I did not know the sex of my baby until he was born. To start with my boyfriend and I each compiled a list of boys and girls names – I wrote down 10 of each and he only managed 2! It is strange because for years my chosen names were always going to be Scarlet (named after my all time favourite film heroine Scarlet O’Hara from GWTW) and Joshua for a boy (I loved that name from the first time I had heard of it which was when I watched the film Big ). However, in the end we decided upon Isobel and Jack – which were the only 2 names we were able to agree on, and we told people when asked if we had chosen names.

However, about 2 months before my due date we both started to doubt the name Jack – although we both loved the name and felt it was a strong name, it is just soooo popular and we did not want to end up in a situation where by the time our son went to school there would be a classroom full of Jacks!

So then we tried to find another one that we both liked – which was VERY hard as we both had different ideas on what a good boys name is! Logan was a contender until one night, whilst watching an American sitcom, a character came on called Burton, and although it took a few days for us both to come to the same realisation, we just really liked the name because it is so unusual and ,well, we both just loved it! Also, up until finding this name I had kind of been hoping that my unborn baby would be a girl – even though I kind of had a feeling it was a boy all along – but once the name Burton became a contender I sooo hoped it was a boy afterall, because I did not anyone else to use that name before we got the chance.

Here are a some facts about the name Burton:
1. The name is still used in America in fact Burt Reynolds and Burt Lancaster were both born Burton
2. It ranks 25,000 and something in the top boys names list (who could believe that so many names exist!)
3. In olde english Burton means fortified settlement

Therefore, without meaning to we chose a name which is unusual and yet it is not too modern (eg, named after a fruit!). In fact, it’s really an old fashioned name and yet it does not seem like it because it is so uncommon. I also doubt very much that Burton will attend school or college with any other name- alikes!

Jon and I do not regret our choice in the name Burton – we just love it so much and when we tell people his name they always comment on it. The only trouble with telling people his name, is that other people may like it and decide to use it to name their baby boys. Plus it puts pressure on us to make sure that the name we choose for our next child, will be as good and not one we regret!

So why did you choose the name/names you gave your child/children? Would love to hear your stories 🙂

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My Biggest Fear

I have been tagged in my first meme by Emma at MeThe ManAndBaby (toad in the hole? I love it!) so I am hoping that this is how a meme works :-0
I actually have more than one fear and I guess in order of how afraid they make me, their order is:
1. Dying
2. Spiders
3. Descending Escalators
The first 2 fears have been with me for as long as I can remember, and I guess are pretty self explanatory.
However, the 3rd one is a newish one which I guess I have suffered with for about 6 years now. I don’t think I am really scared by an escalator going down – I just cannot step onto it! I can go up an escalator but when it comes to going back down I cannot do it! I have to look around for some stairs or a lift! I think I am afraid that I will fall over maybe ? because I am rather accident prone and clumsy!!At least at the moment while Burton is still in a pushchair I can use a lift, but what will happen once he is walking?
I know that with all my fears, it is important not to influence my son incase he develops the same fears (I am sure my spider phobia comes from my nan who hates spiders, and made such a fuss whenever one was near her). However, I do not know how I will overcome the escalator fear (any ideas? I can do it if someone is with me and I am holding onto them and we walk on in synch!). Poor kid – he will have an embarrassing Mummy who will need his help to step onto an escalator instead of me assisting him!!!
I am going to tag:
So please reveal your fears………..ooooh er!!
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