My Biggest Fear

I have been tagged in my first meme by Emma at MeThe ManAndBaby (toad in the hole? I love it!) so I am hoping that this is how a meme works :-0
I actually have more than one fear and I guess in order of how afraid they make me, their order is:
1. Dying
2. Spiders
3. Descending Escalators
The first 2 fears have been with me for as long as I can remember, and I guess are pretty self explanatory.
However, the 3rd one is a newish one which I guess I have suffered with for about 6 years now. I don’t think I am really scared by an escalator going down – I just cannot step onto it! I can go up an escalator but when it comes to going back down I cannot do it! I have to look around for some stairs or a lift! I think I am afraid that I will fall over maybe ? because I am rather accident prone and clumsy!!At least at the moment while Burton is still in a pushchair I can use a lift, but what will happen once he is walking?
I know that with all my fears, it is important not to influence my son incase he develops the same fears (I am sure my spider phobia comes from my nan who hates spiders, and made such a fuss whenever one was near her). However, I do not know how I will overcome the escalator fear (any ideas? I can do it if someone is with me and I am holding onto them and we walk on in synch!). Poor kid – he will have an embarrassing Mummy who will need his help to step onto an escalator instead of me assisting him!!!
I am going to tag:
So please reveal your fears………..ooooh er!!
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The Gallery:Men

This is the first time I have entered the Sticky Fingers The Gallery so I hope I have managed to add this link correctly!!

When I saw that the title was ‘Men’ I wondered how I could ecapsulate that word into a photo. Then I remembered a photo which I hope sums it up pretty darn good!
I have chosen a photo which shows my boyfriend holding our newborn son an hour after he was born. I believe that this photo shows the moment he went from being simply a ‘ man’ to a ‘Daddy’. From this moment his life (as did mine!) changed and a part of him did also, as a softer side has emerged – not too much of course because he is a ‘man’ – but it has been lovely to see how over the last 10 months Jon has shown so much love towards his son and how proud he is of our boy. Burton looks a lot like his Daddy, and Jon has told me that sometimes when he looks at him, it is like looking into his own eyes. A grown man seeing the man our baby will become.
Men are different to us women – they tend to hide their emotions more whereas we tend to wear ours on our sleeves (more so since having a baby – mine have been sopping!!). However, the moment a man holds his newborn baby – a slight shift occurs, and beneath the cool, calm exterior that is so common to (most) men, a glimmer of hope is revealed. The hope a new life brings which makes you realise how much love you have for this little human being – an overwhelming sense of love, pride and responsibility all rolled into one. A realisation that from this moment on you are a man now – a grown up and things will never be the same again.
I believe my photo demonstrates this as Jon is still the same man, still with all the annoying traits he had before, but since 3.18am on Wednesday 15th July, 2009 he became a new man; a better man; a Daddy.
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Penguin Update

For all you Penguin fans – just to let you know that he survived his ‘bath’ in the washing machine and here is the proof!!! Aaaaaah 🙂

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p p p p pick up a Penguin!

I have just stuck ‘Penguin’ in the washing machine.

Burton’s beloved cuddly toy has gone for a much over due wash! The trouble is, I have no idea how it is going to appear after its encounter with the washing machine. I just hope that it will emerge intact so it can be returned to its little owner!

Burton loves Penguin – it was a Christmas present from my Dad, who is chuffed to bits that his grandson has taken so much to this soft toy. So much so in fact that he has bought a replacement one in case anything should happen to Penguin. A gesture which surprised me as my Dad is not the type to think of such things.
I am pleased that Burton loves Penguin as much as he does, because he has helped to get Burton to sleep in his cot for naps and at bed time. B’s little face lights up whenever he sees his cuddly friend waiting for him in the cot. Which is another reason why I hope Penguin will survive his washing machine experience – otherwise what will I do at bedtime tonight???

Poor old Penguin was overdue a wash though, what with having a mixture of dribble, snot, bum cream etc… lovingly added to his exterior over the past few months – certain parts of him had become a tad crusty!

So I have 18 minutes left until the washing cycle ends – fingers crossed all will be well and Burton and Penguin can resume their bedtime, changing and playtime routines once more and Mummy can breathe a big sigh of relief! Oh and we will have a clean and crust free Penguin……….well for one day at least!!
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