Party planning gone mad!

So in less than 2 weeks my little boy will turn 1 and I cannot believe his birthday has come around so fast! Where has the time gone?

I have been thinking about his party for some time now and now with it being less than a fortnight away time is of the essence! Funnily enough last weekend a brochure landed on my door mat selling party pieces for children’s parties – I never realised there were so many things you could have at a birthday party! Amazing!

It is proving to be more problematic then I imagined though, which is always the case isn’t it? At the end of the day it is a party for someone who does not even understand what it is!!

Owing to the amount of people that could possibly turn up which is 16 little people (plus the birthday boy), my friends and family members there could be as many as 36 guests – making it 38 including me and the OH! Seems a tad excessive I know but I feel I need to invite all of my friends children whose parties I have been invited to over the years, and that combined with them, family and my friends without kids it adds up to almost 40 attendees! Crazy I know!

So my first idea was to hold 2 small parties: one at lunchtime with my friends and their children at the local park (weather permitting of course) where I could host a Teddy bears picnic. Then at tea time have the family over with any friends who work coming too. So having written out the invites, suddenly the OH complicates matters by saying that he wants to attend both parties which he can’t because he is unable to finish work until 4pm! Aaaaaaaarrrgghhhhh is what went through my mind at that point! To be honest I did not think he would mind about the lunchtime event because he does not even know the attendees that well – some he has never even met!!

Anyway, to keep the peace it has reverted back to having to host one big party again!! I am worried that B will find this overwhelming but hopefully it will be fine. So as we are unable to fit everyone comfortably into our downstairs living space we now may have to hire a hall!! It all seems a bit OTT for a 1st birthday doesn’t it?? Knowing my luck I will hire the hall and then lots of people will not be able to attend and we could have it at home after all!

So anyway, I am sure I will report back on this soon when the event is over with some photos from the day. It is hard trying to please everyone, when the only person I want to make happy is the one person who will not care because he is too young to understand what is going on!!

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The Gallery – Emotions

This weeks The Gallery hosted by Tara over at Sticky Fingers is having a mash up with the Writing Workshop organised by Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak.
The theme being Emotions

I have chosen PRIDE as my emotion. Regular visitors to my blog will have gathered that when it comes to my boy I feel such immense pride and love, I find it overwhelming. However, for a change I have used a photo that does not feature my little man as I have tried to use a metaphor instead (oooh hark at me lol)
Eyes well up at the slightest thing
My heart bursts with pride everyday
Overwhelming, unconditional love for you
These feelings so powerful and strong
I am so grateful to have you in my life
Overflowing and gushing like a waterfall
Never ending is my love for you
So proud to be your mummy .

(photo was taken at Lydford Gorge in Mid Devon)
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It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part!

So yet again we have failed to win the World Cup. Surprised? No, me neither. We were never going to bring it home, because we are England and we are winners at being runners up.
As a nation we always support the underdogs. Look at programmes like X Factor and Britains Got Talent, as soon as that sad music is played with the contestant revealing their tragic lives, we immediately want to support them. Sometimes we continue to vote to keep contestants on shows where they are clearly not the better dancers or ice skaters etc, but because they are so bad and get a rough ride with the judges we want to see them again on the next weeks show.
Therefore, when it comes to sport why don’t we just accept this and move on. England is usually the underdog, especially in football championships, so why raise our expectations only to have them dashed? Instead we should just go into each match not expecting too much, and then if we were to do better than we expect it would be a bonus!! However, because the press and footballing world big the England team up so much we as a nation go along with them and get ourselves believing we could win. Really what we need to do is accept that this is not 1966 all over again (as gets mentioned every time this competition starts!), and actually we are not good at playing at an international level.
Therefore, I think that what people don’t want to see end is the social element that the England World Cup dream brings with it. Like it or not an event like this brings people together more, and what with the sun shining aswell we English feel happier and enjoy feeling this way. Friend and fans gathering together to watch the game, flags being put up in windows and on cars, houses being painted faces being painted, football shirts being worn and football songs being played again and again giving us hope that maybe, as in 1966, we could bring football home.
Now that the dream (well thats all it ever was really) is over the nation is mourning and asking why we played so badly. In reality, what we are really grieving is the end of the euphoria the World Cup brought to the nation and the drinking and the sense of being united with each other usually over a pint!

I did not actually watch any of the matches but was kept up to date with now bad we were through Twitter and the news!

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Non musical chairs

As I walked back from the kitchen earlier, I heard a little squeal coming from underneath the dining room table. I peered down and could see a cheeky little face peering up at me

Then he began to re-arrange the chairs which are quite heavy I hasten to add, here he is in action

Five minutes later and this is what he managed to do

Cheeky monkey! 🙂

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The Gallery – Creature Comforts (ahem!)

This weeks theme over at the brilliant Sticky Fingers is Creatures.

I was lucky enough to go on a safari trip to Kenya a few years ago, which was an amazing experience and one that I would love to do again one day.

The photos I have selected are a bit rude (so turn away now if you are a Mary Whitehouse type lol!) but I think show striking parallels between the animal world and mankind.

Note how the lioness was just sat here minding her own – probably thinking about what she has to get for dinner!

It lasted all of 1 minute (sound familiar? ha ha!) oh and then surprise surprise he gets off her and goes straight to sleep!!

I wonder if she is thinking “so is that it?”

Men, it appears, are all the same whatever their species!! 🙂
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