The Unprompted Gallery – Water

While Tara is away on holiday this week is actually Gallery free. However, a few die hard Gallery fans (namely RedTedArt and Chelle’s Place) have decided to do their own one this week and the theme is Water.

Water water everywhere
Not a drop to spare

Well at the moment here in North Devon you would not realise it was summer due to the wet weather we seem to be having.

Rain rain go away
Come back in a couple of months lol

Therefore, my entry is a scene taken at the little fishing village of Appledore here in North Devon where it really rained the other day!

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Eating Yoghurt

Ok just time for a little Burton fun on this dull and wet Monday afternoon.

I have been trying to encourage him to use a spoon on his own recently which sometimes he wants to do, and other times he seems to prefer Mummy to feed him food with it instead.

Well this lunchtime he decided to feed himself yoghurt and I took some snaps and thought I would share them on my blog!

Ok so to start with he does manage to get some out of the pot onto the spoon and kind of into his mouth

Then he realised it would be easier to tip the yoghurt onto his tray

See Mummy, I know best!!

Hey mummy let me give you a kiss lol!!

Attempting to eat yoghurt:done!!
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Officially Bankrupt

I am officially bankrupt.

There I have said it on print for my blog – the first time I have heard myself say it.

I am not writing this post to brag about it or show off, because although I am actually relieved to be on my way to becoming debt free, it is also mixed with a touch of regret and emotion because it is not a nice thing to admit to either. Afterall the stigma that used to be attached to bankruptcy has gone now, and I should therefore not feel ashamed. However, despite this I have not yet told some of my family members!

No, I am sharing this because I know I am not alone with having large uncontrollable debts, that I have no way of paying back and nowadays bankruptcy is very common. I just thought that if anyone reading this is contemplating it themselves then maybe I can help them to make the decision and go for it.

According to the Ministry of Justice during the first quarter of 2010:

the number of individual bankruptcy petitions made by creditors (to whom the debt is owed) was 4,329

the number of individual bankruptcy petitions made by debtors (the person who owes the debt) was 16348

My bankruptcy was voluntary. In a nutshell, before I had Burton I owned and ran my own business (a cafe) and although it did ok I never really made a decent wage for myself and due to a VAT error and borrowing from the bank I just could not make it financially viable anymore. I sold the business at the end of last year for less than I bought it in the end because I was a new Mum and just wanted to get out and start afresh as soon as I could. Truth be told I should have gone bankrupt a couple of years ago, but in true Jenny style, I struggled on not wanting to lay my staff off, hoping it would all be ok in the end! Hmmm!! I worked my arse off, as you do when it’s your own business, rarely taking time off and with notable exceptions working 6 days a week even up until 10 days before I had Burton! So yeah there is also a little bit of frustration that I lost money and owed so much by the end as I worked so hard for 5 1/2 years for so little return.

Anyway, after months and months of worry (spanning about 3 years), having no nails (yes all these years of worry has made me have no nails!), visits to my local CAB and, more recently, letters and phone calls from debt collectors I have made the step to becoming debt free. I know there is still a way to go yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel at last!

While waiting to see the judge and speak to a receiver today, I thought to myself that going bankrupt is NOT the end of the world and at the end of the day I have something far more important to worry and think about now and that is what IS important. When I got home my little boy gave me the best hugs and squeezes a mummy could possible ask for – he is my future whether bankrupt or not and he is the most important thing in my life.

If you have debt problems I can recommend contacting:

National Debt Helpline

who are there for you to offer free and confidential advice

Don’t wait for your debts to mount up out of control – take the plunge and sort them out 🙂

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The Gallery – Playtime

This weeks The Gallery theme chosen by Tara at Sticky Fingers is Playtime.
I think everyone, whatever their age, enjoys playtime. Since having Burton it has been great playing with toys again,making silly faces, blowing raspberries, rolling around on the floor and just generally being a kid again! Such great fun and happy moments with lots of laughter and learning.
Burton’s favourite playtime though is at bath time. To start with he did not like the water at all and screamed!

However, since he was a few weeks old we have given him a bath almost every night as part of his bedtime routine. After a few more weeks we got him used to having water splashed on his face and lying in the water, to give him confidence and to not fear water.
Well it soon became clear that he loved bath time and water and some times it has been hard to get him out of the bath!! Sometimes I think Daddy and I have got more wet than he has from all the splashing and kicking….and the floor…..the window blinds…..and the baby changing unit!!
This has helped with us introducing him to swimming at the local pool he loves it! He splashes about, gets dunked and sits on edge of the pool and pushes himself into the water! We have been taking him since he was 6months old and other swimmers have marvelled at how confident he is in the water.
Now at bath time we have to fill it so full of toys and the baby product bottles, I am surprised Burton has any room to enjoy the bubbles! He sits up one minute, lies on his front splashing furiously the next and more recently has started trying to stand up!! The whole time laughing and smiling.
Here are a couple of recent bath time play time photos

He loves either the taps or shower being run so he can play with the flowing water!

Playtime is the best time:fact!
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Need My Running Mojo Back!

So since my ever so honest post a couple of weeks ago, regarding me and my feelings on running and how I was going to get out there and do it for the #mummyto5k challenge, I thought it was time I revealed how I have been getting on.

Well in a nutshell, I have been RUBBISH!! So far I have done the following:

Ran at a reasonable pace for about 11 minutes (which gave me very sore blisters!
Swam a little (was with Burton and his Daddy so wasn’t able to swim for long!)
Done 3 x 1 hour brisk walks with the pushchair

I have been watching what I eat and have lost about 2 lbs in a week

But that’s it!! I feel pretty lousy that I have not managed much more. Especially as I read on Twitter about all the other fabulous #mummyto5k participants and their brilliant efforts. I guess I have lost my running motivational mojo. I have no excuse really, I have just been rubbish 🙁

I did try out Mirka’s #fitnesstuesday exercises (bar the skipping as have not yet bought a skipping rope) for 2 days but then forgot!! So will start that up again and buy a skipping rope ASAP.

Last Friday I had plans of running/walking fast to the pool have a swim and then run/walk home again, as my Mum had Burton for the afternoon. However, just as I was packing my swimming bag my friend turned up in tears having received some sad news, and I could hardly tell her sorry I am off for some exercise!

So I am hoping to go on another brisk buggy walk later and try run tonight after tea and kick myself up the arse to get back in to this training malarky, after all, I don’t really want to eat everyone else’s dirt at Hyde Park!!

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