Home Alone

So here I am writing my first blog.

It so happens that today is only the second time that I am without my 9 month baby boy. Since having him, he has only spent one day apart from me and today is his second.
I know he will be fine and is probably having a lovely tine with his Grandma and won’t give me a second thought, but it is strange not having him here at home with me.
On the walk home after dropping him off, all I saw were other mummies pushing their buggies and I felt kind of naked without mine! Popping into a well know high street retailer to buy lunch was much easier to get around without B in his buggy and was certainly quieter (he normally sounds like the crazy frog!) Plus I was able to take my time – something which I had forgotten about as normally I rush around grabbing thing for my basket to get through the check out and out as fast as possible in case B starts getting grumpy and cries for me to get a move on! Also I could walk through the store more easily without bashing into the merchandise or fellow customers! (buggies should display the ‘L’ sign to warn people to move out of my way I am coming through!).
So as I bring this first blog to a close, I note that I only have 4 more hours to go and then B and I will be reunited once more. An hour later after food has been flung on me, him and the floor; and when he winges when I leave him on the rug to pop into the kitchen; and when I am woken up tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock, maybe then I will wish I had enjoyed this home alone time more 🙂

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