Fun at the Farm Park

A few miles from where I live is the North Devon Farm Park. It is not the best tourist attraction I have ever been to, but because you can feed the animals and touch them and get close to them, I thought it would be great to take Burton there.
I have paid for a years membership so now all my visits are free and a bag of food costs just 50p so I feel it is a couple of hours well spent for not a lot of money. As Burton gets bigger our visits may get longer as he will be able to use the adventure playground outside, which unfortunately does not have baby swings. However, there is an indoor soft play area complete with a ball pit, so that amuses him for a while.
Let me introduce you to some of the animals we met:
3 little pigs – not sure of the breed (something I feel the park needs are signs telling you what animals you are looking at!) but they have wiry hair and are quite friendly.

This is Harriet the goat. She lost her kid last winter in the snow so she has adopted that sheep (since it was a lamb) in the same pen. Children who visit the park can have a go at milking her in the morning – something which I know Burton would love to do but he is too small to squeeze it out of her!

Then we saw some baa baa black and white sheep with little lambs – aaaaaah!

Burton enjoyed watching these and kept saying aaaaah to them!

He got quite excited!

However, he wanted to eat their food pellets and was most put out when I said “no”

There are a couple of lamas here too and one of them looks like it has an afro hairstyle lol

The Billy goat gruffs were quite rough and boisterous

There are more livestock than this but this gives you an idea.
The park has recently been taken over by new owners, so I am hoping that it will offer a bit more going forward, because if I had to pay £7.50 each visit I probably would not go that often.
But all in all it was a good way to pass a couple of hours!
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The Gallery – Motherhood

Motherhood is the theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers this week and what an emotional topic that is (well for me at least!)
There are so many photos that I could use here to explain what motherhood means to me, but I don’t think you want to see pages and pages of photos! I have loved every minute of motherhood so far, and I have found the whole experience very overwhelming at times. I feel extremely privileged to have helped create a new life and be able to watch it develop every day.
Motherhood, for me, is the best thing I have ever done and as you can tell I could waffle on about it for ever, probably!! Even writing this makes me tearful – what a silly Mummy I am lol!
Anyway, I don’t have a photo of me crying (which would probably help sum up motherhood for me!), but after looking through all the photos of my motherhood to date, I stumbled across this one which which was taken when Burton was about 6 weeks old.
It was taken in Burton’s bedroom. He was still sleeping in a moses basket in our bedroom at the time,but I would always feed him in his room because of the very comfortable nursing chair.
This image portrays me during the early stages of motherhood when I was still trying to find my way through the haze of sleepless nights! Notice the baby book on the stool which I occasionally read in the early days, just to reassure myself that I was doing ok and what I was going through was “normal”. Around me are the gifts we were given when Burton was born- the cuddly toys and the photo frames and story books. Note the open drawer behind me with the muslin sheets in ready to grab if one was needed. A glimpse of his cot – not yet used but ready for the day he would spend his first night in there. Me breast feeding which, back then, I was doing every 2 hours! Complete with a glimpse of a breast pad sticking out of my nursing bra!
Now that Burton is 11 months old being a Mummy means getting rewarded with beautiful fun moments like this
when his gorgeous smile melts my heart! Thank goodness for digital photos because I will always have special reminders of my motherhood forever 🙂
Thanks to Tara for such a brilliant prompt this week: such a great way to celebrate motherhood!
I am looking forward to seeing what motherhood means to everyone else in this weeks Gallery- I have my tissues at the ready!
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Weetabix or adhesive-abix

Dear Weetabix,

I do enjoy eating you and you have served me as a breakfast cereal countless times during my life to date. More recently, I have introduced you to my son who enjoys you mixed with fruit (and his fingers!).

However, I feel I need to ask why on earth are you so hard to remove from cereal bowls once you have been eaten? Or indeed anything you come into contact with once you have been covered in milk? It is almost impossible to clean off bowls or surfaces that you have encountered once you have become dried on – I need a power washer to remove you!

I have also found that wiping you off my son’s face is really difficult, you get so ground into skin and hair – such a nightmare! Cannot really use a power washer on his face though! Instead I try to wipe as I go, which is not easy with a baby who does not want his face washed at the end of a meal – let alone every couple of minutes!

So the way I see it:

Weetabix + milk = adhesive with the power of super glue!

What makes a normal everyday breakfast cereal turn into an adhesive? How do you do this?

Another cereal with your type of super adhesive power is cornflakes, once they have dried out onto your cereal bowl they are also nigh on impossible to remove! I think some cereal manufacturers could do a sideline trade selling their products as super glue, because that’s the kind of strength we are talking about here! I wonder if anyone has ever tested the adhesiveness of cornflakes or weetabix? Hmmmmm… for thought!

Obviously, if the cereal bowls are washed out straight after use this will remove all traces of you immediately, no problem. However, not everyone adheres to this and that is where the problems arise.

The solution?

I think that maybe all of your cereal boxes should come with a warning, informing the consumer of the consequences of leaving weetabix to dry out, and to therefore advise customers to rinse their cereal bowls straight away! In as big a text as possible please, because maybe this would encourage my OH to rinse after eating because he often leaves his cereal bowl with weetabix residue inside!

Thanks for listening.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Paulin

A firm believer in the eat and rinse philosophy!!

ShowOff Showcase

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Talking a load of crap as always!

Karen over at / Brighten Mum-Teenage Angst/> had the brilliant idea of setting up a Friday bog roll on a blog roll. What a great idea!! Lol. I say this with more than the usual enthusiasm as it seems I started Karen’s ball (bog) rolling by coming up with the title whilst commenting on a photo in this weeks Gallery. I can only credit the marvellous Nickie over at /Typecast/> for her inspiring photograph of her toilet roll collection. I say collection because to have that many out on display is just showing off quite frankly!!

So here are my entries for the bog roll on a blog roll:

First picture shows our very ‘ahem’ posh toilet roll holder complete with a rusty bottom. Now don’t get jealous of that type of high class customising, it took a lot of a bathroom dampness over the last 18 months to achieve that finish! You will also notice that the top roll is a different type of loo roll from the two beneath it. This is because I was down to my last roll this morning and after shopping earlier we have more hurrah! This new toilet paper claims to be bigger than your average roll so instead if buying 8 rolls get the same over 4! Better for the environment then? We will see how long it lasts soon enough.

I am not a toilet roll snob I usually get whatever is on special, although I prefer not to buy the basics like I did as a student, as even though they are cheaper, they are rougher and you get through them quicker so spend as much in the end as if you just bought average priced loo roll.

The second photo is the hiding place for my spare toilet rolls, as unlike some people I could mention I do not have such a huge display area for all of mine lol

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The Gallery : Bee-ing still in life

This weeks theme in The Gallery over at the yummy cupcake(mmmm i want one please!) picture taking Sticky Fingers, is Still Life.
I took these photos last summer at my boyfriends parents garden, during a brief Burton nap break one sunny Sunday afternoon.
I love sunflowers: to me they seem such happy flowers and epitomise summer with their radiant golden colours. Bees are such busy little things, and to capture one taking it easy for a moment to savour the sweet sunflower nectar was great to watch and capture through my lens.

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