1. It looks delicious. I love the combination of raspberry and chocolate and I think they work great as additions to a banana bread. Very clever. x

  2. Cat

    This looks so tasty and flavours I haven’t seen before. I love a banana loaf and yours looks really pretty x

    • thank you Cat. I figured that banana and chocolate work, raspberry and chocolate work and therefore surely all 3 would be nice together, and they were x

  3. joskitchenlarder

    Delicious looking loaf Jenny, so beautifully dressed too! Can’t beat banana bread baking session and chocolate with raspberries as additional flavourings sound lush! xx

  4. […] then you will know that I have many recipes that contain bananas and recently I made a delicious Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, so I decided to adapt it to make this tempting Blueberry & Coconut Banana Bread to share with […]

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