Arctic Roll but not as you know it!

Arctic Roll but not as you know it!

arctic roll

When I was a girl a popular dessert for my brother and I was a slice of arctic roll. It is a very simple pudding really, a vanilla swiss roll containing jam and vanilla ice cream, and yet it was quite a threat to have a slice! Nowadays artic roll is still available in the freezer aisle of supermarkets (i think it is made by Walls?), but compared to all of the other fancy frozen desserts and delectable ice creams on offer, the humble artic roll is probably not a pudding of choice or popularity with todays youngsters!
Well during half term last week I decided to have a go at making an arctic roll, and see if my children would regard it as a special treat for a pudding as I once did. I have only ever attempted to make a swiss roll once before and it was a little flat and not as pert and round as a swiss roll should be, BUT practice makes perfect.


Before I tackled the sponge part of the dessert, I needed to make my own ice cream.

I have been trialling a Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream maker for a couple of months now, and I have to say it is making me very popular with my boys because they adore ice cream, and it is such an easy and fast way to make a batch (as long as you remember to freeze the bowl several hours before you need to make the ice cream of course!).



Among the ice creams I have made since owning it, I attempted a healthier version which allowed me to enjoy a scoop. I adapted a recipe in the Magimix ice cream recipe booklet for a low fat version, and I used a 0% yogurt and a half fat cream which was really nice.



However, for the artic roll I decided to see if I could make an ice cream from a ready made, shop bought custard which would not only save time and money on ingredients, BUT being kept in the store cupboard means that it could be an ice cream that can be made anytime, in next to no time. I added some Maltesers near the end of it being made because they are a favourite chocolate in my house.



Instead of spreading my swiss roll with jam like a traditional artic roll, I decided to use chocolate spread instead (you will notice that i am spreading the outside of the sponge – this is simply because as I was covering my roll with melted chocolate I did not think it really mattered!)


Once I added my ice cream, I carefully rolled the sponge up in to roll, wrapped carefully (see recipe below)and placed in the freezer for 30 minutes to allow the ice cream to firm up. Then just before removing it form the freezer to save, I melted some chocolate and then once my artic roll was sat on a serving dish I decorated it with the melted chocolate and some yummy toppings, in this case mini mallows, honeycomb pieces and freeze fried raspberries

For the full recipe for my Artic Roll – but not as you know it! – then here it is

Arctic Roll - but not as you know it!
Serves 8
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Cook Time
15 min
Cook Time
15 min
  1. *To Make The Ice Cream*
  2. Good quality Ready Made vanilla custard
  3. 1 grab bag of Maltesers that has been bashed about to crush them up
  4. *To Make The Swiss Roll*
  5. 3 large eggs
  6. 100g caster sugar
  7. 75g flour (I used self raising but i think you are meant to use plain really!)
  8. 1 tsp vanilla extract/essence
  9. *To Decorate*
  10. chocolate spread (any flavour you like)
  11. 100g milk chocolate
  12. pink and white mini marshmallows
  13. mini honeycomb pieces
  14. freeze dried raspberries
  15. (our anything you like to top it with really)
  1. Pre heat the oven to 180oC / 160oC
  2. *To make the ice cream*
  3. Pour the custard into your Magimix ice cream maker and start churning
  4. Meanwhile *make your swiss roll*
  5. line a large baking tray/swiss roll tray with grease proof paper
  6. place the eggs and the sugar in a bowl and whisk until light, fluffy and airy and the mixture has doubled in size
  7. add the vanilla extract and whisk again
  8. being very light handed, fold in the flour until it has all be absorbed into the eggs and sugar mixture
  9. pour into the lined baking tray
  10. bake for 12-15 minutes until risen and springy to the touch
  11. leave to cool for about 2 -3 minutes and then carefully roll up the sponge while it’s still warm (keeping the baking parchment attached).
  12. Leave to cool completely in its rolled-up shape.
  13. By now the homemade ice cream should be nearing being made, so add the Maltesers and allow it to mix through for 1 more minute before switching the Magimix off.
  14. Working fast add the ice cream to one end of the sponge (you won't use it all) and gingerly spread it across the sponge
  15. Roll the cake up around it.
  16. Wrap the artic roll in a fresh sheet of greaseproof paper and then some tin foil, and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes until ready to serve
To Serve
  1. Melt the chocolate
  2. remove the artic roll from the freezer and unwrap it and place it onto your serving dish
  3. pour the chocolate over the top of the artic rolland spread it all over the top
  4. scatter marshmallows, honeycomb pieces and the raspberry bits across the top and serve
  5. you can refreeze the dessert as long as it is not melted
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This was yummy! The boys and their daddy liked it – yes all three of them liked one of my homemade desserts – this is very rare in my house!! I was able to place the half used arctic roll back in the freezer inside a plastic tub to reuse another day because the ice cream did not melt too much while I was serving it.


The ready made custard made a good ice cream, and it actually reminded me of the shop bought frozen arctic roll from my youth. It was not as luxurious as the home made custard ice cream recipe that comes with the Magimix ice cream maker, but for a quick go-to ice cream recipe it was fine and tasty and my family loved it! I am thinking that and arctic roll will make a fabulous dessert for Christmas Day now I know it is popular with my boys (all 3 of them lol!).

I was sent a Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream for the purpose of a review


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