1. Oh Gosh I am getting confused with my weeks. I may have done 2 for this week! I have never made a fruit cake as I don’t like them but I really should give it a go as the men of the house would like it x

  2. Oh this looks fab! We love fruit cake- especially Christmas Cake and Bara Brith, but I have never thought of adding marzipan (especially ever making and incorporating marzipan other than an outside layer)- I might be in trouble if hubby sees this- it would definitely be his idea of a perfect cake!

  3. Our family love fruit cake, and this version looks so light in comparison to a rich fruit cake for Christmas. I have added a marzipan layer once or twice to our usual cake mix, (though I’ve never made our own marzipan) and found it to be lovely giving that gorgeous almond flavour through the cake.
    Angela x

  4. I loved making cake, any cake, with marzipan through the middle. The extra nutrition you get from the almonds justifies it….honest it does!!
    Your cake looks and sounds great. I have never tried making my own marzipan, and have never read the ingredients, I did not know marzipan had egg in it, ….learn something new every day.

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