Crunchy Peanut Butter Pancake Stack with fresh bananas and a chocolate sauce

Crunchy Peanut Butter Pancake Stack with fresh bananas and a chocolate sauce


Since I joined Slimming World back in September, my consumption of pancakes has diminshed because they contain too many syns, well not so much the pancakes but the fillings!! However, with it being Pancake Day tomorrow how could I not make some pancakes at the weekend for my family? 

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Toffee Millionnaires Shortbread

Toffee Millionnaires Shortbread

I love millionnaires shortbread – it is one of those almost illicit cakes that I dare not eat, because of how naughty and of course calorific it is. It is on a par with rocky road I think, in how much I love eating it. It just makes me go mmmmmm and ooooooh as I tuck into a slice!

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16 Ways To Eat Pancakes

Here are 16 Ways To Eat Pancakes to jazz up Shrove Tuesday or any day with these delicious sweet and savoury pancake recipe ideas

16 Ways To Eat Pancakes

It is of course Shrove Tuesday today, otherwise known as Pancake Day 🙂

In case you are bored of making and indeed eating the same ole same ole pancakes each time you put batter to pan, here are some yummy pancake recipe ideas to inspire you today of all pancake making days.

A mix of sweet and savoury pancake delights aswell as some fun things to do with them too

Rocky Road Pancake Stacks chocolate pancakes made with chocolate chips, nuts and marshmallows


Banana Batter Breakfast Pancakespancakes made with banana to make a healthy and nutritious start to your day


Orange & Passionfruit Pancakes pancakes filled with orange segments and topped with passionfruit curdpancakeroundup7

Black Cherry Chocolate Pancakeschocolate pancakes filled with black cherries and fresh cream


Lemon & Raisin Pancakes american style pancakes made with lemon zest and raisins


Vegan Breakfast Pancake Stackperfect pancakes for vegans 


Banana, Blueberry & Honey Pancakes simple pancakes packed with flavour


Chocolate Pancakes Filled With A Rhubarb Compote


Pancakes With Caramalized Pears & Chocolate 


Pizza Pancakessavoury pancakes made into pizzas


Pea and Ham Fritters little savoury delights made with ham and peas


Ham & Tomato Pancake Pizza full size thin pizza style pancakes topped with sundried tomatoes and ham


Spinach Pancakes filled pancakes made from spinach and filled with cream cheese, ham and roasted pepper sauce


 Fun Pancakes For Kidshow to make a ordinary pancake into something fun and visually pleasing for children


Pancake Activities for children – make pancake time fun and educational

mr wolf pancakes

Of course if you decide to buy ready made pancakes, and there is nothing wrong with that

Dont dismiss shop bought pancakes if you are in a hurry or can’t cook! I have tried several brands and they all work just as well

And if you have any ready made pancakes left do not despair why not make them into another dessert all together?

Like this take on a bread pudding using shop bought, ready made pancakes instead a Pancake Fruity Chocolate Orange Pudding


However you decide to make and eat your pancakes I hope you enjoy them!

I have added all of these to my Pancake Ideas pinterest board too

all photos have been used with the kind permission of the bloggers mentioned