Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Another way of using left over Christmas pudding is to make ice cream from it. However, if you wanted to, why not make a Christmas Pudding Ice Cream as an alternative to the traditional way of serving this festive dessert. I bought a value christmas pud from Tesco for about 99p and it was great for this recipe. 
Its a really nice flavour and adds some nice texture to this ice cream. I also added some Baileys to the mix but you could add some brandy if you like or not if children are eating it. I also added some cranberry sauce made from fresh cooked cranberries, for some extra tanginess. 
I then used the christmas pudding container to put my ice cream into to make a christmas pudding shaped dessert – again this is optional. I mean, presentation wise it looks great but if you just place it all in a 1 litre plastic tub it still tastes as good! My bowl wasnt quite large enough so I had to add some ice cream to a small plastic tub aswell.
This is a simple recipe for ice cream which I discussed here
Serves 8 – 10
(makes 1 litre)
You Will Need
1/2 tin of condensed milk (175g)
300ml double cream
2 tbsp Baileys Irish Cream – optional
125g cooked christmas pudding – broken up into small pieces
2 tbsp cooked cranberry puree
Whip the cream, condensed milk (and Baileys) in a large bowl until soft peaks form
Add the christmas pudding and cranberry puree and whisk again for about 30 seconds
In your container of choice pour in the ice cream – please note that if you do use a bowl shaped tub, line with cling film or grease proof paper so you can remove it easily.
Place in the freezer for at least 6 hours , or overnight.
Then remove when you are ready to eat
(mine has ‘crease’ lines because my grease proof paper got a bit crinkled in the tub!)
Then simply cut a slice to eat
It can be returned to the freezer if you don’t eat all in one go and before it melts of course!
It looks pretty and reminds me of tutti fruitti ice cream to look at. Its a delicious festive dessert and so easy to make.

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A Gruffalo Party

Here I share some fun and tasty party food ideas for a Gruffalo Party. Perfect for any Gruffalo fan, from Owl Ice Cream cakes to Scrambled Snake and more.

“It’s terribly kind of you owl, but no – I’m going to have tea with a gruffalo”

It was Burton’s 3rd birthday last Sunday (15th). I decided several months ago that I would use the Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child stories as themes for his party food. I thought I would share my party food ideas that I made for his Gruffalo Party.

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A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

It was Jenson’s 1st birthday on Friday (30th).
We had a lovely day and the birthday boy and his brother really enjoyed themselves!
Mummy and Daddy gave Jenson a wooden trike and an activity cube and Burton gave him a Melissa & Doug latches board. He also ‘wrote’ a birthday card out for Jenson and made some lovely colourful squiggles inside it!
We also gave Burton two small presents to open so that he wouldn’t feel left out and to occupy him so that Jenson would be able to play with his new things. Hmmm… that was going to work!! Burton has enjoyed trying out all of his brother’s new toys and especially likes riding his new trike!!
I spent most of the day in between occupying the boys, trying to finish off the party food. Luckily I managed to get Jenson to nap for an hour after lunch which enabled me to get some food prep completed!
Due to the weather being so glorious and because we don’t have a garden to host the party in, Jon’s parents very kindly agreed to let us host the party at their house so that the children could run around outside and use the trampoline and swings. The guests were a mix of family and friends, and even though several of the guests couldn’t make it, which was a shame, it was a lovely gathering and everyone enjoyed themselves.
I did a theme for the party which was The Very Hungry Caterpillar , and I based all of the party food on the items that features in the story. I replaced some items for similar ones e.g.. cherry pie was actually cheese & onion quiche, the chocolate cake became mini triple decker sandwiches on wholemeal bread, I made blue & yellow cake pops for the lollipops, pizza wedges for the watermelon, mini cheddars for the oranges and ham instead of salami! I also filled ice cream wafer cornets with jelly for the ice creams. I made mini caterpillars using grapes and a cherry tomato on cocktail sticks. I then wrote cards out with the lines from the story on as menu cards

The cake turned out much better than I had imagined!! I made two chocolate sponge cakes filled with chocolate butter cream, which I placed on top of one another and covered with white chocolate ganache. Then I stuck smarties around the sides and finally I cut a hungry caterpillar out of icing to decorate the top of the cake with.

It really was a fun afternoon and Jenson really seemed to be enjoying himself and he didn’t cry once!
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Christmas Pudding

If you haven’t yet bought your Christmas pudding or made one even, then let me share this recipe with you as there is still time, as I only made mine today! I first made this version of a Christmas pudding last year and it went down so well with all my guests! So much so that I have been asked to make it again this year! I have to thank the BBC Good Food Magazine for this amazing recipe as it was in my December issue last year, but you can also find it on their website.

One thing I like about this version of a Christmas pudding is that you don’t have to steam it as you bake it in the oven, and because it is baked in a loaf tin it cuts so much more easily for your guests than a pudding bowl version! I made a couple of adjustments to the recipe this year, having stuck to the original last year, but the recipe is as follows: