Legoland Windsor & Our Weekend Away


For Burton’s birthday this year, we decided to take him to Legoland instead of throwing him another birthday party and I am so glad we did! Don’t get me wrong, I love planning and putting together parties for my children, but I have to admit they can be a tad stressful, expensive and time consuming so to know that I did not have to do any party planning, was actually really nice!! 

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A Little Lunch Date With Jenson

A Little Lunch Date With Jenson

It dawned on me last week that Jenson and I have never been on a little lunch date together which involved actually eating out and that was not a picnic. To be honest I do not tend to eat out with either boys much due as we always opt for a picnic if we go out somewhere for the day. But then last week, it hit me that after September he will be going to pre school for his 15 hours a week (or maybe 12 until after Christmas – I have not decided yet), and our days together will start to get less and of course a year next September he will be starting school *sobs quietly inside*. I need to make more of our days together now before the summer holidays when Burton will be off school too. I mean we are busy, with playgroups, play dayes and trips to the park and sometimes the beach each week, but I feel I need to be doing other things now too before it is too late and he joins Burton at school and I have to return to work.

So last Thursday while the sun was shining we headed to Fremington Quay for a spot of lunch and a visit to the museum they have there – oh and of course an ice cream! The museum is about the history of the quay and is quite interactive, and not very big so it is ideal for little ones as well as adults. Jenson especially enjoyed  visiting the look out tower and seeing the view and pulling the points and listening to the tales of the former watchtower  guard, which once overlooked a railway line.
IMG_1023 (3)
IMG_1019 (3)
IMG_1030 (2)
IMG_1031 (3)
IMG_1026 (3)
IMG_1027 (3)
We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours, and the museum, cafe and play area has changed a lot in the 6 or 7 years since I last visited so we will return and take Burton very soon.

Jenson is modelling some new clothes from Polarn O.Pyret’s new summer collection of childrens clothes. This new range offers an array of wonderful clothes for boys and girls featuring safari, flowers and playful animal designs. To find out more please visit their website.

As you can see Jenson LOVES his new monkey tee shirt and shorts thiiiiiiiiiis much!

IMG_1022 (2)

We were sent some clothes for the purpose of a review. I love PO.P’s clothes because they are well made, have wonderful designs and are made to last and still look good wash after wash. Perfect for children on the go.

Leaf & Bug Hunting, Fairy Wand Making & Yeo Valley

I have been wanting to visit Yeo Valley Farm for ages now. Having been invited on previous occasions but had to decline for various reasons, I was determined I would make it on Tuesday to a special event held there in partnership with the Woodland Trust. ** Yeo Valley is a company which cares about the environment in which it resides in and they want to help preserve our British woodlands too. 
Sadly for Jenson he was not able to join Burton and I on our little day out, as he has had an upset tummy and I didnt want to spend my day forever changing nappies! Moving on……so I dropped him at my Mum’s en route. Burton and I arrived at Yeo Valley headquarters in the beautiful rolling Somerset countryside, and I fell in love with its setting and its visitors area at first sight. Everything about the parts of the building I saw was just beautiful and well thought out. And the views – wow they were just breath taking!  We had been invited to participate in some outdoors activities with some other South West blogging Mum’s and their children, some of which I have met before aswell as some new faces. It is always lovely catching up with those I speak to virtually so often, and meeting some new bloggers who live in my part of the country.
Anyway, after a short coach ride to one of its rennovated barns, we were told some history about the area’s landscape to begin with. Then we all got stuck into some fun activities – a leaf treasure hunt, looking for mini beasts (bugs and insects), making some fairy wands and building some mini shelters which could have housed some elves and fairies! Our guide for the day (whose name I have forgotten – eeeek sorry) was very knowledegable and we were lucky with the weather too as it had rained on my journey to Blagdon, but for our visit the sun shone down on us 🙂
Oh and I did I mention the yummy food we were provided with? Mmmmm I have to admit that I had been looking forward to sampling it all morning while we were outside doing our nature activities! And when we got back to HQ we were rewarded with a slice of homemade cake, hot tea or ice cream, and a goodie cool bag filled with some yogurt to take home and enjoy!! All the fresh air ensured Burton slept back to Grandma’s house too!

Thank you Yeo Valley for a fun day out and I look forward to visiting again soon 🙂

** Tree’s are important to Yeo Valley which is why they have pledged to plant 10,000 trees. They are currently offering consumers a chance to win a tree – see special promotional packs for more detailsTrees are so important to us. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Woodland Trust to plant 10,000 trees and help preserve Britain’s woodland. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Woodland Trust to plant 10,000 trees and help preserve Britain’s woodland

I was invited to attend this event with my children (which ended up being child!) and we were provided with complimentary food and a goodie bag to take home and my petrol costs were paid for too. I was not asked to write about this day out, but I want to because we had such a lovely visit and Yeo Valley and The Woodland Trust are great companies to write about.
All words and comments made are my own and are honest. 

  1. Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Justin And Friends Live (Cbeebies Live Tour 2013)

On Saturday (13th) the boys, Daddy and I headed off to Wales and to Cardiff to see the Cbeebies Live event of Justin & Friends. Seeing as though the show was being shown in Cardiff and my friend TheBoyandMe lives very close by, we arranged when the tickets went on sale that we would take our families and see the show together. 
We arranged to meet before the show (which started at 4.30pm) and were invited to have lunch with TheBoyandMe and her family at their home which we did. It was very nice and it gave the boys a chance to play together, the Daddies a chance to discuss all things gadgety related and for ‘Me’ and I to have a good chin wag!!
We all arrived at the arena with plenty of time and were thrilled that our seats were so close to the front of the stage – I had no idea of this when I booked the tickets, so what a bonus! The show was really good and lasted for an hour and a half which included a 20 minute interval. It was probably a bit too long for Jenson but Burton LOVED it and didn’t want to leave once the finale had finished. 
The show included Justin (in many of his CBeebies guises), Robert the Robot, Nina from Nina and the Neurons, Katy from I Can Cook, Andy who presents CBeebies and Little Monster. When dressed as Nana Knickerbocker, Captain Squawk and Mr Tumble, Justin arrived to the stage via the floor and walked past us and the ‘boy’ could practically touch him!
Well done to all those involved with the production it was great for kids (a bit too loud and bright at times for an old timer like myself). My only niggle is this – the merchandise was far too expensive with prices starting at £7 which with two children or more is too much I think. But maybe that’s just me??

not sure what to make of it all

he didn’t take his eyes off the stage!

light stick belonging to the ‘boy’ which he kindly let us all play with – we didn’t get one for our two as they were £8 each and we felt this was too much (Burton has not let us forget this!)

the finale with Justin singing ‘Hands Up’
raising our hands as Justin sings
my boys 🙂
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