A Little Lunch Date With Jenson

It dawned on me last week that Jenson and I have never been on a little lunch date together which involved actually eating out and that was not a picnic. To be honest I do not tend to eat out with either boys much due as we always opt for a picnic if we go out somewhere for the day. But then last week, it hit me that after September he will be going to pre school for his 15 hours a week (or maybe 12 until after Christmas – I have not decided yet), and our days together will start to get less and of course a year next September he will be starting school *sobs quietly inside*. I need to make more of our days together now before the summer holidays when Burton will be off school too. I mean we are busy, with playgroups, play dayes and trips to the park and sometimes the beach each week, but I feel I need to be doing other things now too before it is too late and he joins Burton at school and I have to return to work.

So last Thursday while the sun was shining we headed to Fremington Quay for a spot of lunch and a visit to the museum they have there – oh and of course an ice cream! The museum is about the history of the quay and is quite interactive, and not very big so it is ideal for little ones as well as adults. Jenson especially enjoyed  visiting the look out tower and seeing the view and pulling the points and listening to the tales of the former watchtower  guard, which once overlooked a railway line.
IMG_1023 (3)
IMG_1019 (3)
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We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours, and the museum, cafe and play area has changed a lot in the 6 or 7 years since I last visited so we will return and take Burton very soon.

Jenson is modelling some new clothes from Polarn O.Pyret’s new summer collection of childrens clothes. This new range offers an array of wonderful clothes for boys and girls featuring safari, flowers and playful animal designs. To find out more please visit their website.

As you can see Jenson LOVES his new monkey tee shirt and shorts thiiiiiiiiiis much!

IMG_1022 (2)

We were sent some clothes for the purpose of a review. I love PO.P’s clothes because they are well made, have wonderful designs and are made to last and still look good wash after wash. Perfect for children on the go.

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  1. i love his new threads Jenny and how happy does he look with his ice-cream. I need to start doing more dates with F – they have fallen by the wayside lately but i think they are really important.
    Fab photos and i hope you are all well xx

  2. I love going out to lunch with my daughter, such a lovely time and you get to sit and chat with them which can easily be missed when rushing around with day to day life.

  3. I love a nice lunch date – it’s so nice to spend the time just two of you isn’t it? It’s always just me and Mushroom but there’s definitely something special about eating out. Love Jenson’s new outfit! I do like P.OP’s clothes…

  4. Oh Jenny he really is so so so handsome. If you ever get bored of him feel free to send him to live with us 🙂
    I keep meaning to take Harry out for cake or ice cream but I never do it. You have inspired me. Thank you. It looks like you had a lovely time together xx

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