A Saturday Afternoon At Instow Beach

We awoke to the sun shining Saturday morning and although it was still a little breezy, at least the sky was blue and the sun fairly warm. I asked Burton what he would like to do and he replied “make sandcastles please!”
In the afternoon we set off for Instow beach, which we have been to a few times previously, but it is close by and it has easy parking and access which with two little ones are important considerations. I just love this simple beach. It has the most amazing view across the water of the beautiful fishing village of Appledore which sits gazing over us. I also love the little sea boats which are moored on the sand decorating its beach. Its just a twee little beach which I never tire of visiting.
Before I had even removed my shoes, the boys and their Daddy had started building sandcastles and Burton was merrily jumping in the sand and laughing! And of course no sandcastle is complete without a moat so while Daddy and Jenson finished carving it out of the sand, Burton and I walked down to the waters edge to collect 4 buckets of sea water to fill our newly created moat with. Burton was thrilled to be allowed to fill his bucket from the sea and I loved watching him take his time to fill it up, look at it and then pour it back in a couple of times before I reminded him that his castle was waiting for the water. Although the sand quickly absorbed the 4 buckets worth of water, Burton decided to add a road from it and drew a road map (or sorts) showing the village in which we live, our house and then a road leading to his pre school!  
They did some burying in the sand too – just their legs but they each took a turn at burying each other and found it amusing to lie down and then pull themselves up again!


When it was time to pack up and head off for an ice cream sat while on the wall watching the beach and the world walk by, we told the boys they could jump on the final sandcastle we made. Burton didn’t need asking twice, but Jenson was not impressed that his brother decided to jump all over his beloved sand creation (as you will hear his cries on the video).

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Life’s A Beach

Today was like a day we should have had during the last couple of months. There was blue sky and that hot thing in the sky that radiates heat – ah yes the sun!! – made an appearance. So a trip to the beach was in order, as despite the fact that I live literally only a few miles from the sea, Burton has never had a day at the beach or made a sandcastle!! I know, I am a terrible Mummy! Grandma came with us as well which was brilliant as it meant an extra pair of hands to help me with both children.

We visited Instow

which is about 7 miles from home. Upon arriving there the sun (and blue sky) was hidden behind grey misty clouds, not that this stopped Burton from wanting to paddle in the sea.

Within a few minutes he had fallen over and got wet – before I had managed to put his swimsuit on!

Once he was inside his swimsuit he got down to the important task of building a sandcastle – oh what fun he had digging up the sand,oh and covering himself in it of course!

With a bit of help from grandma here is his first ever sandcastle 🙂

Jenson watched for a bit from the comfort of his buggy until he got fidgety and needed feeding!

Once the sun came out it was lovely and warm with a cooling sea breeze and Burton just loved playing on the beach

We drew sand pictures too and he liked making sand angels and jumping in sand pools!

And we jumped on our shadows – here is mine

Grandma (OH’s Mum) had a rest with Jenson so I could play with Burton for an hour, as I had spent most of our time there nursing and trying to get Jenson to sleep (to no avail I hasten to add!)

It was such fun and Burton looked like a mini sand monster by the end of our little adventure – he must have taken enough sand home with us to fill a sandpit! He was covered – I would have hated it but he just laughed!! Oh to be a toddler 🙂

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