1. I managed to make a raspberry roulade today – doesn’t look as pretty as this one – I love how you decorated it with fresh raspberries too. I was worried my meringue wasn’t cooked enough but reading about the crispy outer and the soft mallowy inside – sounds like it turned out how it was meant to be.

  2. Oh I love the flavours not far from the ones i used a few weeks back. I too found roulades much easier than i thought when i first made them, I think they can hide a multitude of sins unlike a pavlova so i think they are easier and just as nice.

    Thank you for warding me star baker last week it was a lovely surprise to spot.

  3. Love your roulade, it is lovely, and it must be delicious too.
    I finally made the dessert. Only an hour ago I finished the Blancmange.

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