1. First of all thank you so much for choosing me asStar Baker. I am thrilled and a bit embarrassed as the other bakes were so good.
    Wow I love the Toffee apple element to your millionaire’s shortbread. I can imagine passing squares of this around on bonfire night with mugs of frothy hot chocolate. Yummy x

  2. oh I was so close with my teacakes! You definitely picked the right start baker though as that cottage loaf is epic!
    Loving your flavour combo in the caramel shortbread – apple & caramel is always a winner! Men do make me laugh as they have a very short memory when it comes to our food – Matt has told me many a time that X is the best thing I’ve ever made!

    • Yes you were Helen, and then Sammie linked up her cottage loaf, and I just felt she nipped you to the finishing line!
      Thank you – apple and caramel is always a great flavour aren’t they? And yes, men do have short food memories for sure, although it is rare for me to get such praise from Jon! x

  3. This looks so tasty. The sheer size of it is a sight to behold! Love the ideas of the flavours too. I used to make caramel with condensed milk until recently. I do think that condensed milk is slightly easier to use to make the caramel sauce which is always an advantage. When I make it the way the bakers did it seems a little hit and miss sometimes but does make a really tasty caramel. x

    • Thank you Cat and yes a big round of millionaires shortbread is lovely to look at LOL!I must try making caramel with sugar and cream next time , be interesting to see if I can pull it off x

  4. joskitchenlarder

    Love your shortbread Jenny all autumnal with apples and cinnamon, perfect. The woodland setting for the photograph is simply gorgeous too! x

  5. hijackedbytwins

    Oh wow Jenny!!! I adore Millionaires Shortbread but you have taken it to the next level! This looks and sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

  6. Mmmmm this is so heavenly Jenny! I love that you included a layer of apple & cinnamon in there too – it makes it so perfect for autumn – and absolutely perfect with the caramel! Most definitely yum! Thnkyou for joining in with #Bakingcrumbs again Jenny 🙂

  7. Oh, these sound delicious Jenny. Loved this GBBO challenge. I’ve never been keen on Millionaire’s shortbread before, but now I’m keen to give it a whirl.

    I didn’t include these in the #WeShouldCocoa round-up as you’re brownies got there first and I only take one recipe per blogger each month. I’d have done this one if I’d seen it first.

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