S’maffles #NumNomsCrazyCreation

S’maffles #NumNomsCrazyCreation

My boys love collecting Num Noms. Some of you might be thinking what the heck are Num Noms? Well, they are small scented kids collectables characters, where you can create sweet and savoury scented recipes by stacking them on top of one another.  

Infact they were so excited they set about making an unboxing video that night after school, which you can see here 

We were asked to create a recipe inspired by the Num Noms series 3 lunch boxes. We have created a recipe like this before which you can see here . However, this time the brief was to come up with a Crazy Creation – something that combined foods together to make a new food item.  For example, the Cronut (donut and croissant combination)  brought together two favourite pastry items into one amazing desert, and Marks and Spencer introduced the Croloaf, a loaf of bread make out of croissants .

The boys and I had a think and we came up with a S’maffle : combining s’mores with a waffle to make a yummy treat for a pudding or even a breakfast! These would also be great for camping. 

To make them could not be easier you need the following:

Then you simply do the following:

Place the foil parcels into a preheated oven (180oC/160oC fan oven) for 10m minutes and then they will be all oozy and delicious!

We served ours with some strawberry slices 

Mmmmmmm! Delicious! 

You can check out what other recipes have been created by searching for #NumNomsCrazyCreation across social media. 

Here is one by Debbie for Fruit S’mores 


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