Breakfast Freak-Smoothie

Here is a recipe for a breakfast freak-smoothie based on the freak-shakes but healthier and using fruit and yogurt instead of ice cream and treats.

Breakfast Freak - Smoothie
Num Noms are little collectable characters that smell of different foods. As a child who loved to collect smelly novelty erasers, I know that I would have loved these and wanted to collect them myself.

Back in the summer we were sent a Series 2 set of Num Noms to unbox and review, and we made a video which you can see here – it was the first time the boys (and I) had seen or smelt them but they proved to be very popular.

Then a few weeks ago we were asked to create a #wackybakers recipe inspired by the series 2 Num Noms and we were sent a similar pack to what we had received before. I thought that we would create a healthy recipe, and seeing as though the Freezie Pop Deluxe pack contained fruity Num Noms, the boys and I decided to make a smoothie.

As you can see the boys and I chose fruit for the smoothie based on each character from the pack: 


Kiwi Freeze (kiwi)
Creamy Pop (strawberry)
Nana Pop (banana)
OJ Pop (orange)
Wild Berry Freeze (we chose blueberries)
Icy Peach Go-Go (peach)
Icy Pina Go-Go (pineapple)


We used a pot of natural yogurt and added all of the fruit plus a tablespoon of oats and blended them to make our smoothie 

My breakfast freak-smoothie is based on Freak Shakes. If you have no idea what a freak shake is, they are OTT milkshakes basically, with ice cream, milk and chocolates plus sweets, biscuits or cakes, as per this photo


I thought we could make a Num Noms inspired breakfast Freak-Smoothie, but, unlike the dessert like freak shakes, this would be healthier and more nutritious and more suitable for children. So I melted a little white chocolate and added this too the rim of each glass, and added some sprinkles. Then I threaded some marshmallows onto a cocktail stick and dipped in to the white chocolate and then the sprinkles. Finally I used half a kebab stick and threaded some grapes and Cheerios, to add some extra pizazz! (Obviously you could leave out the mallows to be more healthy!).


The boys LOVED their breakfast freak smoothies and they were very filling as they didn’t want to eat anything else afterwards!





The only rouble is I have started something now with these freak smoothies – I think they will be requested again and again for breakfast!

I was sent a pack of Num Noms series 2 in exchange for creating a #wackybakers recipe. 

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Num Noms Series 2 Freezie Pops Breakfast Freak Smoothie

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  1. Such a fab idea! I love that it’s still healthy but also has the treat element to it which makes it so much more fun for kids x

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