1. Oh my goodness – what an amazing looking cake! Just perfect. Loved Bake Off tonight, looking forward to joining in with the challenge. And thanks for linking up with #CookBlogShare x

  2. What an utterly beautiful cake this is Jenny. I would love to receive something like that, would even make a wonderful wedding cake. Look forward to linking up again! xx

  3. Definitely going to be joining in with this! Think I might be attempting a mirror cake as I haven’t made one in a while and want to check if I can still do them..!! Xx

  4. Truly fabulous cake Jenny, now you should be on the Bake Off for sure. I’ll try to join in the linky if I can, although the last few days of the holidays are whizzing by so fast. Absolutely loving the Bake Off being back on the tele. 🙂 x

    • awwwww i really am not that good! i would be having mishaps left right and centre lol! But thank you for being so lovely, be great to see you link up maybe xx

  5. wow wow wow – what a stunning cake – looks so stylish and elegant!!! I’m so pleased GBBO is back (we just got back from wales where even on holiday my priority was to be back at the cottage with the kids in bed on weds eve so i could watch bake off! Kids caught up with it on digibox today and my little girl said ‘mummy i watched ‘britain baking’ which i thought was adorable! I’m going to struggle to join in this week and next because of hols (but i think my son has a lemon drizzle on his blog so might get him to link up for this week and catch up on commenting once we’re back home in a week or two!) I’ve also just started a new part-time job and that has left me with far less time for baking and blogging but really really do want to get back in the kitchen as i miss it sooo much! x

  6. shelllouise

    It looks lovely, Jenny 🙂
    We’re very excited to be joining in with your blogger’s off this year. Kaycee’s already looking for recipes for next week’s bake! xx

  7. That is a beautiful cake Jenny. I love the idea of the golden spray – it is spot on its theme without being gaudy and over-the-top. A 50th anniversary is so special that the cake should complement, not compete, and yours is wonderfully understated whilst still being perfect for flavours that a particular age group will love. Nicely done!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. It is the first time i have attempted something like this, and i wanted it understated due to the age group but still pretty enough to have some wow factor. i appreciate your lovely words, thank you x

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