Mango, Banana & Strawberry Yogurt Dual Lolllies

Mango, Banana and Strawberry Yogurt Dual Lollies

We had some gorgeous weather over half term. Hot and sunny with days spent in paddling pools or at the beach. Then I make some homemade lollies, and guess what happens? Yep, it rained!!!And got a little colder too!

Typical! Anyway, luckily the weather is improving again, so I decided to let the boys have a homemade yogurt lolly as an after school snack to eat outside in the sunshine. 

Now my two love ice creams and ice lollies,and at this time of year I buy them various ones, depending on what is on offer at the supermarket. However, I fancied making them a healthy lolly for a change and seeing as though they both love smoothies, I thought a lolly made from fruit and yogurt would make for a delicious and nutritious snack.

I was sent a new lolly mould to review so this gave me the perfect excuse to try out some smoothie lollies. The moulds are quite small, so you do not need too much liquid for each one. I ended up making a fresh mango smoothie and a strawberry and banana one using greek style yogurt with honey.



A great feature of these moulds is that you can make two different lollies in one, if you wish,



or you can just put the same flavour in both sides of the mould. The choice, and flavours, and combinations are endless and yours.



The moulds are very easy to fill, and once you add the lids – which click into place – you simply freeze them for about 6 hours to set and then your lollies are ready to eat.

You can make 8 single lollies or 4 dual lollies.

To make these Mango, Strawberry & Banana Yogurt Smoothie lollies you will need:

1/2 mango
1/2 large banana
4 strawberries
4 tbsp yogurt – I used Yeo Valley Greek style with honey

Place the mango and 2 tbsp of the yogurt in a blender and whizz to make a smoothie. Pour in to one half of each mould – about 1/4 from the top
Clean out the blender
Place the banana, strawberries and yogurt in the blender and whizz to make s smoothie and pour into the the remaining mould halves, about 1/4 from the top
Add the lids and click into place
Freeze for at least 6 hours
To release from the moulds, run the bottom of each mould under some hot water to help loosen the lolly.

Enjoy x


I was sent a set of CUISIPRO® DUAL ICE LOLLY MOULDS from Lakeland for a review. The recipe is my own as are my words and comments about them.

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