1. Karen

    They look great. I showed them to my husband who is a great mince pie lover and he wants me to give them a try which I will. Something different for a change. Keep up the good work Jenny

  2. Nooo! It’s too early for mince pies. Although these ones look pretty good. I like the idea of frangipane ones, something a bit different.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  3. I want a baking duster.. how cute is that!! You also already know my thought on mince pies.. and frangipane.. omnonomnomnom!! Hazel x

  4. We’ll let you off making mince pies in September as they look sooo darn delicious!! I adore a good mince pie, and shop bought once certainly don’t cut the mustard in my book! I shall pin these for nearer to the time and give them a whirl! And 10p for a jar of sweet mince meat – like your style 🙂
    Angela x

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