Cauliflower Pizza

cauliflower pizza

I do love pizzas – they are such a convenient meal because they take next to no time to cook, and, a bit like a sandwich, pretty much anything goes as toppings. However, pizza are not low in calories and since I started following the Slimming World plan, they are a food I avoid now.

That was until I made pizza using cauliflower for the base – genius idea, because not only does it make the humble cauliflower more tasty and more popular in my house now, but being a vegetable it is a syn free pizza base, and makes a pizza healthy! (well asides from the cheese, but even that can be half fat and used sparingly!). Plus using cauliflower is a gluten free alternative to flour, so bravo to cauliflower!!


I admit that having to squeeze out the excess water from the cauliflower ‘rice’ once cooked is a bit of a faff (I hate faffs!), BUT knowing I can eat an entire 10inch pizza and feel guilt free makes it totally worth the faffing!! Obviously, you can share this pizza and serve alongside some homemade SW friendly chips, salad and coleslaw but I usually eat one to myself!!


This is my version of making a cauliflower pizza base, and I am very happy with it and make it at least once a week. I took one on to my slimming world tasting sesssion last week, and it all went and I was asked for the recipe, so I think that is proof that it is nice! So here it is:

Cauliflower Pizza
Serves 1
a low fat, low calorie, gluten free and slimming world friendly pizza using cauliflower to make the base
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Cook Time
32 min
Cook Time
32 min
  1. 1 medium sized cauliflower makes 1 x 10 inch pizza approx
  2. 1 tsp garlic puree/granules
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1 tsp fried Italian herbs (or use fresh basil shredded)
  5. frylight (or oil)
  6. tomato puree
  7. selection of youre favourite pizza toppings , meat and/or veg
  8. 25g half fat cheese
  1. *blitz the cauliflower (minus stalks and greenery) in a food processor to make cauliflower breadcrumbs (this might take more than one go as it will fill up your processor bowl quickly)
  2. *place in a microwave proof bowl, cover with cling film and cook for 6 minutes on high
  3. *pre heat the oven 200C/180C fan and lighly grease a baking tray with frylight (any shape you like, I use a round 10 inch one)
  4. *when cool enough to handle, place on a clean tea towel/muslin sheet and wring/squeeze out any excess water
  5. *place the cauliflower rice in a bowl and add 1 beaten egg, some garlic, black pepper and dried Italian herbs/basil. MIx well
  6. * pour onto your greased tray and spread the mixture out to fill it all as much as you can without it breaking apart
  7. *cook in the oven for approx 20 minutes until goldenish brown
  8. *then remove from the oven and add your choice of topping
  9. I use tomato puree (but you could make your own tomato pizza sauce if you prefer), mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers and tomatoes but you could add meat too or tuna if you like. Then top with cheese - I use half fat cheese but you could use anything you like
  10. *return to the oven for another 10 -12 minutes
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Yummy!!! I love that I can eat pizza and not feel guilty. I also love the fact that it makes cauliflower more exciting!

(For Slimming World peeps – this is free if you use the cheese as your HEA and it can also be used for SP days if you top with speed veg)

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  1. This looks delicious. I’ve always wanted to try this but as you say the faffing puts me off a little. I might have to bite the bullet though now that I’m trying to eat less carbs and shift some weight x

  2. Omg I made this yesterday with wedges gorgeous will make at least once a week now thankx for recipes x

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