Big Hero 6 Cake

Here I share with you my take on a Big Hero 6 Cake, which is not just only inspired by the Disney animation, but it is also shaped in a number 6 too.

Big Hero 6 Cake

Burton has recently become a fan of the Disney animation Big Hero 6. As a result of this I decided to make him a Big Hero 6 cake for his 6th birthday. 

It was Burton’s 6th birthday 2 weeks ago today, and I have been meaning to write about it but due to a busy couple of weeks where I have been playing catch up, I have not had the time. Anyway, due to his new found love of the film Big Hero 6 we decided to not get him the Lego Movie Think tank (which he said he wanted in his pre birthday interview ) as his present, but instead a Baymax action figure. He was not expecting this and his surprised face was a picture


We had a quiet day, Burton was allowed the day off school and he spent the morning building some Lego. He did not have a party this year, as we took him to Legoland the following weekend instead, which I will write about soon.

We took him out for lunch and then in the afternoon my family popped over to see him. 

aunty cath and boys and nanny Burtons 6th birthday

nanny and boys Burton 6th birthday

mum and boys burtons 6th birthday

mum and mike and boys burtons 6th birthday

At 4pm some more family came over so we had some tea and he was presented with his birthday cake – again something he was not expecting as I made a Baymax Big Hero 6 cake, which he LOVED 🙂


His cake had to be a Big hero 6 one as he has been a huge fan of the film for several months now. Originally I was going to make a number 6 shaped cake, so when I decided to make him a cake in homage to his favourite film of the moment, I actually thought I could keep the shape of the ‘6’ and make an actual Big Hero 6 Cake ! Hence, I made Baymax’s head with his fist in the shape of a 6. Well, that was the idea behind my design, and I think it worked !!


Big Hero 6 Cake
Serves 30
a number 6 shaped cake decorated to look like Baymax from Big Hero 6
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  1. This makes 2 x 8 inch sponge cakes and 1 x 1lb loaf cake
  2. 400g unsalted butter
  3. 400g caster sugar
  4. 8 eggs
  5. 400g self raising flour
  6. 2 tsp vanilla extract
  7. 100g cream cheese
  8. 100g chocolate spread
  9. 750g Poppy Red Renshaw Regal Icing Fondant
  10. 250g white Regal Icing Fondant
  11. purple food/professional icing colouring
  12. 250 black Regal Icing Fondant
  13. 3 black fruit pastile sweets
  1. pre heat the oven to 180oC / 160oC (fan)
  2. line and grease 2 x 8 inch cake tins and 1 x 1lb loaf tin
  3. cream the butter and sugar together until smooth and pale - this took a good 5 minutes
  4. add the eggs, the vanilla extract and 2 tbsp of the flour and beat well for a few more minutes
  5. carefully add the flour and fold in
  6. divide the batter between the 3 cake tins
  7. place in the oven and cook until golden brown, rise and cooked right through
  8. *please note the round sponges take approx 23 minutes and the loaf tin cake took about 30-35 mins*
  9. leave to cool
  10. To make your frosting : simply beat the cream cheese and chocolate spread together
  11. *To assemble*
  12. sandwich the round sponges together with the frosting
  13. cut off a third of the loaf cake
  14. slice the loaf cake in half through the middle, and do the same with the third you cut off
  15. arrange the round cake and the larger loaf cake into a number 6 shape on a cake board/presentation plate
  16. take the smaller piece of the cake, and place that on top of the loaf cake which sits next to the round cake (see pics below) to make the top of Baymax's arm look chunky
  17. Add the chocolate frosting to the inside of the loaf cake pieces and then cover the whole number 6 shape cake with the remaining chocolate buttercream (see pic below)
  18. take your red fondant - firstly making your work surface suitable for sing icing on (I sprayed some Dr Oetkers bake release which I find makes it easy to roll out and mould without sticking). Roll it out as far as you can go and then lift up to cover the entire number 6 shape. Carefully, caress your your cake so that the fondant sits nicely and then using a sharp knife, remove the excess fondant from around the bottom of the entire cake
  19. DO NOT throw away the remaining red fondant as you will need that again
  20. To make Baymax's face I made a template on a piece of paper (see below) to cut out the white fondant (roll out 3/4 of the white icing to make a circle), which I then place upon top of the red round 'face' part of the cake
  21. Then you need to roll out the red again, and using the same template cut out red shapes to make Baymax's helmet and add this to the 'face'
  22. then take some black fondant and make 2 eyes
  23. part of the cake and add the 3 sweets as per my photo
  24. take some more of the red fondant and make a rectangle chunk to sit at the end of the arm (before the fist) to make a cuff for Baymax's armour (see pic)
  25. take the a large chunk of the black fondant and make a fist shape - add this to the top of the arm
  26. with the remaining white fondant, add some of the purple food dye and mix into make purple icing
  27. cut out some circles to add to the arm, again as per my photos
  28. Your cake should now look like a Baymax, Big Hero 6 cake 🙂
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Step by step photos


 big hero 6 cake chocolate cover

Big Hero 6 cake red



Big Hero 6 cake face

big hero 6 fist

big hero 6 cake B smiling off camera

Big hero cake candle blowing

It went down well with the birthday boy, and we hardly touched it at his little tea party. Therefore, the next day upon his return to school, I cut up the rest and took it in for his class to have when they went home.

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  1. Aww 6 already! Looks like he had an amazing day – and your cakes are always the best. Hope Legoland was amazing and he was tall enough for Mia’s Riding adventure.

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