Stripy Jaffa Chocolate Jaconde Cake (#GreatBloggersBakeOff #Week 9)

 Welcome to Week 9 of the Great Bloggers Bake Off and it is semi finals of the Great British Bake Off already – eeeeeek just one week left.  I feel a bit sad……..but not as sad as the fact that there is still no cake baking!!!

It is Patisserie this week, with these three baking categories :

Siganture : Baklava
Technical : German Schichttorte
Showstopper : Elegant Entremets

 Well, I did not fancy making a baklava and I am going to be making a Schichtorte later this week, so I turned to the internet and googled Elegant Entremets and the first thing I found were Jaconde Striped Cakes so I decided that I would have a go at making one. However, it is a cheats version because I wanted to make something that would be family friendly and easy to make – afterall, making something completely from scratch is a faff and with two boys buzzing around the kitchen I need to be able to make something easy and quickly! I also made one larger sized entremet, not 12 mini ones as per the show, Again, this is not the BBC this is me, Mummy of Mishaps and one cake was all I could find the time to bake! T

Therefore, I decided to make a Jaffa Cake inspired Elegant Entremet, so I decided to make a chocolate cheesecake for my mousse filling, layered between some chocolate sponge, topped with an orange jelly (yeah I made it from a packet – Mary would be soooooo disappointed wouldn’t she?), encased in a chocolate and orange jaconde striped sponge collar. Except, to be completely honest my jaconde sponge was not made with ground almonds as I just made normal chocolate sponge, which is probably why it came out a little thick and cracked a little!!

Anyway, here is how I made my version of an Elegant Entremet – not that elegant but it tasted amazing – my Stripy Jaffa Chocolate Jaconde Cake!


Stripy Jaffa Chocolate Jaconde Cake
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 10
  • 2oz self raising flour, sifted
  • 2oz unsalted butter, softened
  • 2oz icing sugar, sifted
  • 2 egg whites, room temperature
  • 1 tube of Dr Oetekar Orange Liquid Gel (food colouring)
  • 5 eggs
  • 250 unsalted butter
  • 250g self raising flour
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 jar of Tesco value chocolate spread
  • 200ml double cream
  • 200g full fat cream cheese
  • 1 packet of orange flavoured jelly
  • 1 cadburys flake
  2. Line an 8 inch baking tin with greaseproof paper
  3. Make the jelly as per the instructions on the wrapper
  4. Pour ¾ into the baking tin and place in the fridge to set (the remiaing ¼ will not be needed)
  6. Sift the flour into a bowl and set aside.
  7. Cream butter and sifted icing sugar.
  8. Lower speed and add egg whites one at a time. (Scrape and evenly mix after each addition). Add the food colouring and then the flour, mix until just combined.
  9. Pipe the mixture onto a baking tray which has been covered in a sheet of greaseproof paper, and pipe stripes. Freeze till firm (about 25 minutes).
  11. pre heat the oven to 180oC / 160oC (fan)
  12. Grease and line 2 x 8in inch baking tins
  13. Cream the butter and sugar until pale and soft
  14. Add the eggs and a spoonful of the flour and beat for a couple of minutes
  15. Fold in the remaining flour
  16. Divide the mixture into thirds, and keep ⅓ back in another bowl
  17. With the 2 x ⅓'s pour into your prepared baking tins and then bake for approx 20 minutes until golden and cooked right through
  18. Once cooked, remove and leave to cool completely
  20. While your round spinges are baking,add the 1 tbsp of cocoa powder to the remaining ⅓ of cake batter
  21. Remove the tuile paste stripes from the freezer
  22. Pour over the chocolate cake batter carefully ensuring that the stripes are all covered.
  23. Once the oven is empty, place inside and cook for about 8-10 minutes until cooked
  24. Line a sheet of greaseproof paper, just bigger than the sheet that the tuile paste was piped onto, with a light dusting of icing sugar, and tip the jaconde sponge onto it so the light coloured side is facing upwards, and allow to cool
  26. Pour the cream and full fat cream cheese into a bolw and whisk until it starts to thicken
  27. add the chocolate spread and continue to whisk until thicker - but not rigid
  28. Leave to one side until you are ready to use it
  30. using the removeable bottom from a 6 inch loose bottomed cake tin, cut out the same size jelly disk and place on a plate
  31. using the same removeable bottom, cut 2 disks form the 2 cakes that you baked, and then carefully using a long sharp knife cut those 2 disks into 4 disks,
  32. LIne a 6inch loose bottomed cake tin with grease proof paper, and add 1 of the cake disks
  33. then cut your jaconde sponge into 2 pieces - long ways - and wrap it aroudn the circumference of the tin - hopefully you can do this without it falling apart. BUT if it does use up any leftover stripy sponge lengths to fill in the gaps. Make sure the brighter coloured stripe is facing outwards and all pieces are facing in same direction!
  34. Add some of the cheesecake to the sponge, then add another disk of sponge, another layer of chocolate cheesecake and the top with the jelly disk
  35. i added some crumbled flake as decoration
  36. Place in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set
  37. Then carefully, remove from your tin and keep everything crossed that it is set, the collar holds its shape and that the inside is set!!!
  38. Serve and enjoy after all that faffing about!!






This tasted delicious, even if it did flop a bit once i served the slice on my plate! It would not win any awards for being elegant but i thought my stripes looked good! And chocolate orange is always good in my opinion!

So now over to you, on your marks get set……….BAKE!!!!!!!!

GBBO badge (1)

** A reminder of the Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014 rules**

So if you would like to join in this year or you are back again for some more baking fun, then here is what it entails:

**the Wednesday night following each episode of the GBBO a linky will open, and you need to bake a recipe inspired by one which was featured in the show. It can be an exact copy, one you have created yourself or a mix! As long as it can be connected to the themes used in that episode it can be linked up.

**the linky will remain open until the following Monday at 12pm. I will NOT accept any late entries this year unlike I did last year, simply because I am giving you an extra 12 hours!!!

** all entries must carry the Great Bloggers Bake Off badge if possible please and a link to my blog

**when you tweet your bake off recipe, please @JennyPaulin with the #greatbloggersbakeoff2014 hashtag and I will RT for you and add it to the pinboard.

**each week a blogger or bloggers will be selected as a Star Baker and will recieve a special badge to wear with pride on their blog.

**the next linky will open the following Wednesday as before but obviously with a new theme based on that evenings episode.

**the recipe linked up must not be one already posted on your blog – this is a bake along

This is not a serious linky at all (unless you make it so of course!). It is just for fun and any blogger is welcome to enter whatever their baking skills are and don’t be afraid to link up any disasters – credit will be given for effort too!

And finally……

Regular Great Bloggers  who bake will recall that last year there was a prize draw for the finale of the GBBO – well I am very much working on doing the same again this year, and I can confirm that so far I am able to offer a bakeware pack from Viners worth £30


and hopefully some more prizes will be available as the bake along continues 🙂

See you next week for the round up xx

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  1. Wow it looks really amazing and is more than elegant enough for me. I don’t even usually like Jaffa related baked stuff but I feel like I should give this a go!

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