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Cucumber and Mint Cake

Cucumber and Mint Cake

A cake made with cucumber and mint! Have I gone mad??? Well, I think some of the mums at my playgroup thought so last week when I took it in to be eaten. It was a cake which definitely divided opinion, however, once they tried […]

Salmon, Mint & Pea Burgers

Salmon, Mint & Pea Burgers

I really enjoy eating salmon, but to get my family to eat it I usually end up making fishcakes with it.  Sometimes it is nice to have a change though, and whilst looking through my freezer for some tea time inspiration, I found some salmon […]

Minty Slutty Brownies

A few weeks ago I succumbed and made some of the so-called slutty brownies that are very popular, but added my own twist by adding jaffa cakes in place of oreo cookies. Well, after enjoying them so much I wondered what other type of brownie I could make, and I thought about mint chocolate and decided I would make some minty slutty brownies.
Makes 8
You will need

( you actually need 8 viscount (or supermarket equivalent) biscuits)
**obviously other types of cookie and brownie mixes are available and would work equally aswell as these

You also need to pre-heat your oven to what the packet tells you, in my case it was 140 oC (fan oven)
Also you need to grease a 7 inch cake tin- square, rectangular or round the choice is yours. I chose a loaf tin this time

Then you need to do the following:

Make the cookie mix first but add extra oil/butter and water to the mix because you will be cooking it longer than directed on the packet and it needs to be gooey and more pliable, I added an extra tbsp of each.

Pour the cookie mix into the bottom of your baking tin

Then top with your viscount biscuits

Next make up your brownie mix and pour over the minty biscuit layer

Cook in your oven for 30 minutes

Once cooled, remove from your tin and cut into 8 squares

mmmmm look at that gooey chocolatey centre infused with peppermint

They were really nice and the mint biscuits added a lovely mintyness which I enjoyed a lot.

And I have already thought of another added extra for next time I fancy a brownie fix!……watch this space!

So there you go, Minty Slutty Brownies – they may make you feel dirty but  hey leave you feeling minty fresh……..well sort of!

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