Cucumber and Mint Cake

A cake made with cucumber and mint! Have I gone mad??? Well, I think some of the mums at my playgroup thought so last week when I took it in to be eaten. It was a cake which definitely divided opinion, however, once they tried a slice, they did change their mind and only one […]

Salmon, Mint & Pea Burgers

I really enjoy eating salmon, but to get my family to eat it I usually end up making fishcakes with it.  Sometimes it is nice to have a change though, and whilst looking through my freezer for some tea time inspiration, I found some salmon fillets marinaded in a garden mint dressing, which I was […]

Minty Slutty Brownies

A few weeks ago I succumbed and made some of the so-called slutty brownies that are very popular, but added my own twist by adding jaffa cakes in place of oreo cookies. Well, after enjoying them so much I wondered what other type of brownie I could make, and I thought about mint chocolate and […]

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