Sugar Free Homemade Muesli

Making your own Sugar Free Homemade Muesli could not be easier. Not only does it mean you know exactly what ingredients go into making it, it is sugar free too which makes it a great breakfast for all the family.

I have to admit that it has ever occurred to me to make my own muesli before. I guess I figured it would be too complicated and with so many tasty varieties that are ready made and available to buy so easily, I suppose I never saw the need. However, making my own Sugar Free Homemade Muesli was VERY easy and it got me wondering why I have never tried it before!

With all the recent press about all the sugar that is added in the manufacturing of cereals, it has really made me think about what I offer my children for breakfast now. Previously, they would have eaten Cheerios or Chocolate Weetos but in recent weeks I have been giving them Weetabix because of all the cereals, this seems to be one of the ones with the lowest sugar content. In fact myself and their Daddy have been eating the same, so as to help with our sugar intake and looking after our weight. 

Therefore, when I was asked by Bacofoil if I would like to make some homemade muesli using their very handy Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bags (medium size), I was very keen to give it a go.

The brilliant thing about these bags is that their secure zip closure will keep your ingredients super fresh and will also ensure there are no spillages. They are ideal for packed lunches, storing healthy snacks inside, freezing sauces and for keeping homemade muesli inside!

I always imagined making muesli would be too much of a faff, so I was very surprised and pleased to know that one the ingredients have been bought, it takes literally minutes to put together. You can add pretty much whatever you fancy really, but the basic ingredients are oats, dried fruit, nuts (unless you are allergic of course) and seeds. You can also add bran/wheat/spelt flakes too, but I omitted these so that I was keeping the sugar content as low as possible. 

It looks so pretty!

You do not even need to use bowl to mix the muesli ingredients really, because you can just put them inside a medium sized  Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag and no washing up! I have used a bowl first, merely to show you the muesli contents more clearly.

You can label the bags too with a name and date which is very useful in terms of freezer storage. 

Bacofoil® also make small All Purpose Zipper Bags, which is brilliant for individual portions.of food 

Individual zipper bags are great for making your muesli more portable, perfect for popping inside your handbag or briefcase so you can eat your breakfast at your desk or maybe on the train. Or for taking camping, which I what I am doing this weekend. 

Plus due to their brilliant secure zip closure, you can even pour the milk directly into the bag and eat your muesli without using a bowl (less washing up again!). 

Making your own homemade muesli is so easy and works out good value, once you have bought your ingredients because a little goes a long way. Plus the big bonus is that it contains no added sugar and yet tastes sweet due to the dried fruit it contains. 

Here is the recipe for my Sugar Free Homemade Muesli

Sugar Free Homemade Muesli
  • Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bags Medium
  • 300g whole rolled oats
  • 300g oat bran
  • 100g brown linseeds
  • 150g raisins
  • 50g sliced almonds
  • 50g coconut chips
  • 2 x 18g sachets of freeze dried strawberries (I used Snack Organisation Dry Strawberry)
  • 2 x 18g sachets of freeze dried apples (I used Snack Organisation Dry apple)
  1. Simply place all the ingredients for the muesli base and any extras into a large bowl and then pour into a medium sized Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag. Zip to seal, and give it a good shake
  2. Serve with cold or warm milk, or top with yogurt , fruit and even a drizzle of honey
  3. Store in a cool dry place
  4. **Top Tip**:
  5. Decant a portion into a small Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag and take to work for breakfast. The secure zip closure will keep the muesli fresh and ensure no spillages. You can even add your milk or yogurt direct into the bag!


Why not give it a try yourself? 


This post was written in collaboration with Bacofoil®


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  1. You are officially my hero right now! Adding milk straight to the bag, I’m actually giddy at the thought of cutting down on washing up right now. And I get to try a new breakfast recipe, love it! 🙂 xo

    1. ha ha this made me laugh! My ex boyfriend use to pour milk straight into those mini cereal boxes when we went camping , so I kind of have him to thank for pouring my milk into the bag scenario here! x

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