Easter Gift Ideas for Grown Ups

When it comes to thinking about gifts for Easter, the first thing that springs to my mind is, of course, chocolate Easter eggs. After all, as soon as Christmas Day has finished supermarkets have them for sale on their shelves , so it is no surprise that they are the most common gift to give to people as an Easter present. 

Personally,  I am always happy to receive a chocolate egg for Easter, however, it is not for everyone. Therefore, here are some Easter gift ideas for grown ups :

Egg Basket

You can get some gorgeous styles of egg baskets, from wire ones to wicker ones, from ceramic ones to homemade crochet ones, an egg basket would make a gift that would get lots of use all year round. 

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Egg Cups and Cosies

If you know someone who enjoyed eating eggs, then why to buy them an egg cup with a cute egg cosy? Maybe you are someone who can knit or crochet, in which case you could make the egg cosy yourself. This would not only make for a practical gift for a fan of eggs, but if the egg cosy is homemade then it makes for a very unique present too. 

Easter Tipple

For people who enjoy a drink, why not give them an Easter flavoured bottle of gin. I would imagine that the flavours of a hot cross bun would taste marvellous in drink form. 

Easter Recipe Jars

Just like the ones you can make for Christmas or birthdays, why not make a homemade Easter recipe jar which is filled with  layers of the ingredients required to make an Easter inspired cookie or cupcake or nest cake even. These are so much fun to make and so striking to look at once made. Plus you can add homemade labels and stickers too. 

Easter Food Hamper

Why not send someone the gift of a food hamper inspired by Easter. Filled with delicious goodies perfect for using over the Easter weekend,  this would be a high end gift but one that would be well received I am sure. 

Homemade Easter Themed Biscuits

Why to make a batch of yummy homemade cookies or biscuits to someone as an Easter gift. Presented in a tin or cello bag, this would be a great way to give a gift that does not cost too much money.


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Easter Baked Goods

Another wonderful gift for grown ups is to make some baked bread for an Easter gift. This Italian Braided Easter Bread actually has eggs placed into the dough to cook with the bread in the oven, therefore making this a wonderful breakfast or brunch offering. 


Homemade Easter Eggs

If, like me, you like give and receive chocolate eggs at Easter time, then why not go one step further and have a go at making your own eggs.  You could even recreate a favourite way to present a chocolate egg, and have it sat on top of a mug. Better still, why to choose one that is unique and designed why you for your recipient. You can shop bespoke mugs online, check out what’s on offer here.

As well as regular chocolate eggs, you could attempt a giant Creme Egg ,which is actually easier than you might think and certainly has a wow factor. 


What is your favourite gift to give or receive at Easter?

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  1. I never really think about adult gifts at Easter. It is just lovely to have an extra couple of days to meet up with friends and family. If anything, there are usually flowers and spring plants given. But I am sure any (or all) of the above would be very welcomely received. x

  2. You’ve helped me realise what is missing from my newly refurbished kitchen. An egg basket! At present I have 3 boxes of 12 eggs stacked on the worktop. I shall be dropping not too subtle hints. Also, as we are away for Easter the children won’t get eggs, or so I thought. I’ll pack my, as yet unused egg moulds and we can make eggs together! Brilliant ideas for adults and my teens. x

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