1. shelllouise

    Ant’s very happy at being one of the star bakers this week, thank you 🙂 He said the fortune cookies were much harder to make than he expected and he deosn’t think he’ll be making them again anytime soon!

  2. Very impressive as a first attempt. Award yourself star Baker! Interestingly I made one as an attempt to get ahead this week due to having a wedding cake to make. I used the Paul Hollywood recipe from his book how to bake and the loaf i n that book looked nothing like the ones my dad use to make occasionally for the shop (he was a baker) and nothing like the one they had on the show which is how i remember them.

    Mine however had a bigger mishap as I made the mistake of popping it back in the oven for an extra 5 mins and forgot about it Opps! and so much for getting ahead.

    Now I’ve seen the show and i also love tea cakes and only a short time ago and old uni friend reminded me how I always use to have a toasted teacake at morning break. so what to do?(if i have time)

  3. Your cottage loaf looks fantastic! I do really love freshly baked bread and like you said it always tastes better than shop bought bread, but I don’t tend to bake it much. Your cottage loaf has made me really want to give it a go. And yours looks a lot nicer than most of the contestants did!x

  4. Wow that looks glorious Jenny. I love the tip for covering the dough with an upturned bowl – I’ve used it for our loaf too – so much better than clingfilm which they wouldn’t have used way back when the cottage loaf was a staple for families.
    Angela x

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