LEGO Batman Movie Party Food Ideas

LEGO Batman Movie Party Food Ideas

For fans of the  film, here are some LEGO Batman Movie party food ideas I made for my children.

My boys were big fans of there LEGO movie that came out a couple of years ago, and one of their favourite characters from that film was Batman. So it was no surprise that the Lego super hero was given his own film and that is The Lego Batman Movie which is now released as a digital download from today.

We were sent a lovely bundle of goodies with which to celebrate the films release

and the boys had great fun trying on the masks 

It seemed only fitting that I would make the boys a LEGO Batman Movie themed tea, and the party food the boys were offered were as follows:

Clay Faces (Pizza pinwheels)

Lego Heads (mini corn on the cobs)

Batmobile Wheels (Oreo cookies)

Two Faces Fruit Kebabs 

Burton enjoyed chewing off one of his faces!

Jelly Lego Bricks 

Frozen Yogurt Lego Characters

Poison Ivy Buds

Jenson tried to poison me with one!

Super Juices : Batgirl, Robin and The Joker 


Mr Freezes (fizzy blackcurrant Lego lollies)

And finally a Batman Lego Movie Cake

The boys enjoyed their special tea and now we are sat down enjoying the movie which we downloaded on iTunes before bedtime.s


I was sent a pack of Lego Batman Movie goodies with which to enjoy there movie – this included an iTunes voucher with which I was able to buy the film for us to watch.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, a virtual cup of tea and slice of cake awaits you x