1. Wow, that’s amazing, Jenny. I just told my Mum about this cake and how mine would look like a pile of gravel because everything would collapse, haha.

  2. Jenny, a crown celebration cake fit for a queen if ever I saw one:) How clever to have combined the first two challenges a victoria sponge and meringue crown, You are so clever coming up with these ideas before the show has even aired. I also adore elderflower cordial so I have a feeling this cake tasted amazing too.
    Thank you for running the bloggers bake off I have really enjoyed taking part each week and being part of the friendly community of bloggers you have formed. Still not sure what I am doing myself yet.

  3. My goodness this looks truly amazing. Love love love. We haven’t caught up with the GBBO as much this year as we have. Gutted about that xx

  4. Your cake looks fab – so very regal! I have made meringue crowns today, and they are indeed very fragile!
    I agree with you on the value chocolate, I buy it all the time as it melts better than many more expensive brands!

  5. That looks spectacular Jenny and I bet it tasted amazing too. Thanks so much for hosting this each week as it has been so much fun to join in.

  6. What a fabulous bake Jenny, you know had you not confessed I wouln’t have know that your meringue triangles forming the crown should have been larger – it really looks great and those lovely silver balls finish it off a treat.
    Angela x

  7. Love your cake Jenny, it looks so regal and perfect for a afternoon tea for for a queen. Thanks for hosting the bake off again, it haas been really fun and lovely to chat with all the other bloggers.

  8. RaisieBay

    Such a lovely cake, I’m glad you went with the little balls and strawberries around the sides, it looks so pretty. I love elderflower too, yum! Thanks for hosting the GBBOBloggers2016, I’ve really enjoyed baking along.

  9. really loved joining in – sorry couldn’t keep up after dessert week as there was no way i had the skills or knowledge of where to start with desserts! I have actually baked for the final week but am desperately trying to find the time to link up. Might try to do it tomorrow before the linky closes! thanks so much for hosting such a lovely linky each week and like you i am sad that it is the end of an era although slightly also in denial – did you ever see the last episode of men behaving badly – im like the lady in the office that kept saying ‘i can’t see that happening’ when their office was closing down. I keep thinking that in a bizarre twist of events that it will all be ok and go back to the bbc.

  10. thank you Jenny for hosting again this year. I love linking up with all you guys and being part of it all! Your cake looks amazing and I am so glad that I linked up for the final.. It’s been an rough few weeks, but baking really helps with the stress! I’m off to check out the other links! X

  11. I love the abstract look! The gold shimmer on the strawberries is such an elegant touch too. Thanks so much for being part of #bakeoftheweek – Am really excited you are joining me 🙂 x

  12. myfamilyties12

    Wow that looks amazing, just perfect for a final bake! Thank you for hosting this great link up with so much baking inspiration! xx

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