1. I feel a lot better about my sticky dough now Jenny! But I don’t think I’ll be making them again. I think yours look really pretty and I bet they taste good.

  2. They sound gorgeous with lemon and ginger Jenny. I have to admit I’m somewhat intregued by Jumbles as we have a local place name a few miles from us which carries the same name. I wonder if the biscuit and the place are somehow connected.
    Angela x

  3. Jumbles seems to be a tricky thing to do, even watching the episode I’m not sure I wouldn’t struggle with the shaping. Yours look lovely. x

  4. RaisieBay

    I so wanted to make a pie but I’d made one recently and never took a photo of it. Nobody fancied another pie so soon (even though it was scrumptious.) So I went for Jumbles too but I got the kids to make them so I couldn’t be blamed if it all went wrong hehehe. I love the sound of lemon and ginger, I wish I’d tried that now.

  5. shelllouise

    My heart sank when you said they’re best eaten on the day they’re baked but then I remembered that the kids are going to be eating them and they won’t last long anyway! Haha 🙂

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