1. That is awesome Jenny! It looks great and what a brilliant idea to make one huge fondant fancy! I love it. Mr Vohn says it is a perfect size and to send one to him please!

  2. It Looks brilliant Jenny and much better for looking homemade. I thought Paul’s comment about them having to look as good as ones you can buy was a bit off! As I’m doing the technical bake each week I’m steeling myself to make that huge Savarin… And wondering who on earth will eat it! My husband ate virtually all of the Marjolaine and Jumbles himself. Not good for his waistline!

  3. I was thinking about next year too. I’m not sure I’ll be as exciting as it was. Even this year was less exciting due to some weird choice of bakes and not knowing the challenges before the show.
    Your fondant fancy looks fab. xx

  4. Oh I love the idea of a giant fondant fancy! It was always my favourite Mr Kipling as a child – although I never liked the chocolate ones for some reason – but I’m with you in thinking that individual ones look like too much of a faff.

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