1. I think it looks just amazing! I love chocolate pastry and even though i have done a bakewell specifically for this week, it has reminded me of some chocolate pastry i blogged about back in June so might link that up too – is that allowed? No it doesn’t properly fit into the categories – i might just mention it in my blogpost instead. x

  2. Snap! I’ve gone chocolate & cherry too!! Great minds think alike Jenny 🙂 Although they have the same flavour combo both of our tarts look different to each other – i love your idea of finishing it off with greated chocolate! Yum! It looks great Jenny, I’m so glad you were able to enjoy some of it even though you had a ‘mishap’ moment (it really does sound like the sort of thing I’d do too!)
    Angela x

  3. Oh no sorry to hear about your tart falling apart. I nearly did the same when I remove the pastry case from the oven as the loose bottom came out of the other part in my hands – doh!! This looks delicious though. Somehow I am really getting the sense that you like Black Forest flavours! 😉

  4. It sounds and looks so lovely – I would love to try this bake. Im sorry that a little fell off but these things happen – especially to us bloggers as we are under pressure to photograph in good light and before anyone digs into it!

  5. What a great idea for a Bakewell tart it looks seriously scrummy. Who cares if a broke a bit so long as it didnt all end up on the floor. Moments like that I just serve it cut up and keep quiet:)

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