1. Oooo they look delicious. I know this is probably weird to say but I am in love with your cream handled knife. You have no idea now how much I will be scouring car boot sales for similar ๐Ÿ™‚ put me to shame again x

  2. the flavour combo of these sounds lovely! It’s definitely worth watching the show & seeing where the bakers went wrong, so now I know that the mixture needs to be soft and then refrigerated to keep its shape… I wonder if your jam was cooked too long? mine used to be a bit thick too until I got an automatic jam maker & was very dubious when it finished as it was quite watery – but low & behold, once it was cooled it was perfect!

  3. Thank you Helen – they did taste nice even if my piping was not as it should have been!
    Well, i followed Mary’s jam recipe to the letter, so it is possible i cooked too long but she said boil for 4 mins which his what I did. strange, but true lol x

  4. Jenny your Viennese whirls look fab. So they are a bit thin but that means you can eat more right ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love the flavour combination too.

    Was hoping a biscuit recipe I had written but not posted would suffice as I am way at the moment but its doesn’t really fit the brief so hopefully Ill get a chance to post either whirls or decorated all be it a bit last minute.

    • jennypaulin

      Thank you Jacqui – they were very moreish!
      I am sure the biscuit recipe you have in mind would be ok – after all i posted a victoria sponge last week for cake week! x

    • jennypaulin

      awww thank you Debbie – they did taste really nice i just wish i had a better nozzle because they then would have looked more like whirls! x

  5. Your whirls look absolutely lovely and I love the flavour combination you’ve used. My whirls also suffered from lack of the correct nozzle but I think they turned out ok despite that!

  6. shelllouise

    The husband loves cherry and chocolate, I’ll have to give these a go for him. He’s not keen on regular Viennese whirls but I have a feeling he’ll like these ones!

  7. Your viennese whirls look amazing! Usually everything on bake off is new to me but i did actually go through a spell of making viennese whirls earlier in the year. I don’t seem to have blogged about it though i remember i really needed to warm the piping bag in my hands to get it piping smoothly. And i remember they needed a LOT of butter! As we’ve only just got back from hols, I am linking up an iced biscuits recipe from earlier in the year this week. I hope that is ok? x

  8. oh Jenny.. that jam… Oh my yes! How did you not just eat it all.. I would have and would have had none for the biscuits! haha!

  9. jennymidwifeandlife

    I fear I’m letting the Jenny name down, but I’ve linked up my broken biscuits! Yours look fab. How do you find out the technical bakes ahead of time?

    • don’t be daft ! Your broken biscuits looked great and the flavour sounded amazing so no fail!!!! You can find out on the BBC GBBO page – i think by monday or tuesday it is up (or watch preview on end of each GBBO show) x x

    • jennypaulin

      thank you. i was going to use jam form a jar but then though, its about time I tried to make jam. x

  10. choclette

    Oh no, the piping nozzle sounds like a nightmare, but your whirls sound so delicious and they look great anyway. I hate piping with a vengeance, so I’m feeling pleased with myself for giving the whirls a try.

  11. RaisieBay

    They sound incredibly delicious and look amazing, well done on your biscuit success. I’ll have to get my bake on an join in next week, I’m slacking a little this year.

  12. hijackedbytwins

    I love chocolate and cherry combination! These are going to be a must try. Thank you for hosting xx

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